Veno Da Don
Mayweather (Interlude)
[Verse 1]
As the wind blows and the rain hit the window
I’m vibing in the booth
F**k these hoes, just my n***as
Put dodie in my system, plus that liquor in my liver
Oakland copped the Russian Creams
We ain’t never smoking swishers, my n***a
I’m in my zone now
My girl begging like, “come home now”
Once I hit the crib, she know it’s on now
Get up out them clothes now
I tell her “shawty, put that phone down”
Said she wanna f**k me to my songs, and now I’m still

All a-
All a-
All about my paper like that n***a Mayweather
Unpredictable like Russia’s May weather
I told my girl, she ain’t gon’ break my heart, never
She look back and say, “N***a, never say never”
All about my pa-
All, all about my paper
All about my pa-
All, all about my paper like
All about my paper like that n***a Mayweather
All about my pa-
All, all about my pa-

[Verse 2]
You wanted bottles, I got em
Lets drink away all our problems
And I’ve been in it raw so much, like I’m allergic to condoms
And it ain’t like a n***a out here laying pipe down without em
Only with you, cause you the one that was with me when i hit rock bottom
Swear that you solid
Like how you pretty and polished
Still can’t forget about that time you started putting on mileage
Know it was only a few bodies, but i still think about it
I know i told you I forgive you, but i don’t forget, sorry
You told me you would never break my heart
But all that sh*t damaged my soul
Know I did wrong as a youngin, but i just thought we was grown now
Wonder what was on her mind
Man, that sh*t was so wild, and what she thinking when she hear my songs now
Sh*t could get ugly
I know she probably like “f**k me”
But when it’s all said and done, I swear she still wanna f**k me
Now moving on from the past, let’s keep on stacking this money
And really think ‘bout what it means whenever you say you love me
May this weather be sunny