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Veno Da Don

"Tic Tac Toe"


Aye tic tac toe, kick down door, my n***as with it
(Aye, HoeDatsVenoAye)


I woke up this morning, I thought to myself like I gotta go get me some money
I laugh to the bank, ‘cause i was just thinking bout how these hoes thought it was funny
Your b*t*h is a skank, I bought her a drank then she let me put d**k in her tummy
I like my women in shape, I like my pockets on chubby aye
Change your profession, these n***as be acting but they call it rap (woah woah)
They talk like they spraying the cannon or nick but I’m calling it cap (woah woah)
How you be all in your phone everyday but ain’t get you no racks (woah woah)
My favorite app is the cash app
b*t*h I am not stunting your Snapchat
Never pay for the pu**y, no payments
Give me brain now I know what she thinking
When you go to work, I’m laying down pipe on your wife like I’m doing some maintenance
She f**k with my music, she think that I’m handsome, she ask me like “why ain’t you famous”
I told her “the industry changing, they just wanna see rappers do fake sh*t” (aye)
n***as is characters, I should embarrass em
Do anything for attention
Probably put on a skirt, f**k around twerk if he knew he that would get em a million aye
Throw dirt on my name like I am some lame, Imma pay that little boy a lil visit aye
All that bull sh*t, I don’t feel it
It’s time to get rid of the gimmicks, (shhh) ending
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