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"Two 12's"

[Intro: 'LGado]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Okay, yeah, hmm, okay
Yeah, ha, b*tch, b*tch, ha, b*tch, b*tch, ha
b*tch, b*tch, yeah, ha

[Verse 1: 'LGado]
I'm finna wrap up plastic (Okay), I'm finna strap up, blast it (Okay)
Brand new whip, I got it, huh, that b*tch black on black, uh huh
You know the sh*t systematic (Okay), new fit with the hat, it don't match
Me and my stick, we matchin', huh, you can get hit with that semi-automatic, huh
I'm in the whip, crash it, huh, I'ma come sip off the glass, uh huh
New suit, handkerchief, that's drip, I'm cashin', I'm in the quick ass whip, that's magic, uh huh
I sell a zip, I get the package, I make it flip, that's acrobatic, huh
I'm on the strip, fly past ya (Okay), I make your b*tch get nasty (Okay)
I put a hundred miles on the sport, uh (pus*y), 'member I hopped off the porch (Yeah)
Sent shots then I fled, I'm at the port (Brr), she give me head, dork (Yeah)
I'm countin' bread, my pockets Norbert (Okay), shorty got the block hot, scorchin' (Okay)
Why they think I got endorsements (Yeah)? All I do is bring Glocks towards us (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Valee]
Huh, yeah, uh
I buy a new thot, a horse (Uh), I'm in Loubiton, of course (Uh)
In some Amiris, torn, b*tch want a bag, divorce (Uh)
Hit from the back, she sore (Uh), hit from the back, the board (Uh)
Hit from the back, got bored, my b*tch stomach flat, door (Uh)
b*tch, do you want some Dior? I put you in some Dior
My pockets was flat, poor, I f*cked her and gave the b*tch back, got bored
I'm in the straight, the normal (Uh), I got the gas pedal, the pack, it roar
Smoke exotic back to back, more (Uh), I'm sippin' Hi-Tech, a four (Uh)
I got a two-pack, Shakur, I'm in the white coupe, a smore (Uh)
Stupid ass ho, I got options, or, I got yellow bones, assorted
I'm in that b*tch walls, the court, I got Apple Watch, supported

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