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Until We Die

"The Conquerors (ft. Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth)"


Defeater, a holy soldier chosen by the demon king
Another forsaken victim crushed inside of my own fist
This world will be my new home and I will capture it tonight
My fellow companion follows as we march into the fight
Destroyer, unholy soldier chosen by the king
Obliterated they lie before me as I tear their skin apart
They're screaming, but I won't stop until the bast*rds shut their mouths
Forever I will obey him 'til my flesh turns into dust

No forgiveness, no mercy, and no regret is shown by them

Dan Watson:
I descend upon the world, overcasting destruction
I am the king of decay
You are the worthless prey
You all will be devoured

Try to get up but you can't make a move
Your body's shaking as I stand before you
This world will be mine

For all the pain this planet had to suffer from - the human race will be erased by the conquerors
Forget your name, forget your friends, forget your family because you will be reduced to mere ashes

We will conquer this world
Mark my words

Humanity will fall
This is your destiny
Humanity will fall
This is your destiny

Unholy one
Let darkness come

I have defeated the mortals on earth
The Conquerors of thy earth

Dan Watson:
Clasped inside my hands
I drain the blood from your bloated corpse
I twist your flesh
I grind your bones, then toss it with the rest
My throne of putridity is reborn
My throne of putridity is reborn

I inherit the wasteland
An ocean of blood, your flesh as the sand
Your skulls are crowned upon my head

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