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Recorded in Twi & English

Verse 1
Ɔse oyɛ number 1 fan, ɔtie me since the first mixtape
Ɔse bbnz na ɛyɛ me first mistake
Labels chase profit, and profit kills greats
Ɔse washocke sɛ I still dey
And how adey, retrogress from records with Amaa Rae
To rep songs like mama yie, m'ama afei
Ɔntumi mma me full support
If debates with his crew commot
And they talk on who's the God, emcee
Lately he dey exempt me
Pen and paper sef dey dent in, image of me
E dey cost me, cos if he listens, he feels as if he lost me
The message no be heavy, singing is off key
I'm doing the humpty dance, he shock G
Rydee e dey over am so e for talk me
Maybe ago win some, but I lost him, I lost him
I told him too bad
I know what's best for me and adey do am
Wey I school am
Say, if e b say afor lose am
To find me, ago do am
Oh I'm such a loser

I’m such a loser

Verse 2
Na me ne no te sɛ bafan ne fom
Me Kan no first ansa na makan me dom
Me tight, me don
But the more we grow, the more we change
And now you no get my number sef, the world be strange
I still get love for you
But me ntumi ɛnsheshe 24/7, ɛno yɛ wrong lesson
Chale we all stressing
But some habits dey wey e dey block blessings
And you are who you hang with
Nti you for choose your friendships
To suit your dreams
Watch your goals to choose your team
The crazy part be say, we used to play 2nd childhood
Never knowing that my guy would
Be stuck in the same place
Afei ma yɛ nnipa bone nii ama wo
Ɛfiri se me yɛ me moves a me nfa wo nka hoo
I told you clean up your act saa wo nfa ho
Bone a ɛbɛ kɔ so wɔ Hood biara na wo ka ho
Me nhia that energy, around me
Me kae na wo tie me raps, don't remind me
And if I have to lose you to find me
I guess I'm such a loser

I guess I'm such a loser

Verse 3
If love was all we needed
We will be seated on a beach chair
In the Maldives girl
Sipping on some sweet tails
But odo ntua bills obaa
And you had a lot of that in your bag
That was the yawa for us
From the geto, real motivation
But nege nege po no be real world equation
Wo ex kyɛ wo phones complete with cash
School boy I mean how could I compete with that
Then I feel say you complete me but
We were missing something
Ɛno nti I couldn't function
All the fights, the lies, and the nights wey I cry, I decide
You were probably, better off without me
Cut the ties, and you threw a fit
But see as you dey now, all good and tins
Cos you wasn't weighed down, and all through the sh*t
You no fit see the good of it
So you told everybody who go mind you
I found someone new and I no dey mind you
But I knew
You had to lose me to find you
Look at you now, glowing without Junior
Oh you're such a loser

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