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​The Guess Who

"Deez i’s"

Type of beat u let ride fa like 12 bars...
Then u come back like...

Verse 1

Listen, its the underground veteran
Better get ready, like we goin out /
I tell her get her bag
You know the style
Its Michael Rafael
If you ain't know
Then u know it now
This the sound
Guess i gotta make the announcement
Count up my bread & sourdough
Show you how to empower
Yaself to believe in ya dreams
Thoughts u having is powerful
See, you gotta channel em
Handle em & counter
All of that negativity
Keep it inside with doubts bruh
It sound tuff cause it really is
Its serious
& i know its a cliche but it really did
A lot for folks - i promise you
Its a mindstate
Its about the energy u give off
Dont count the likes
Break away from the web for a minute
& handle business
Im missing this living
Everytime im caught in it
Aye, isnt it divisive this system
Half of its cynicism
Some sin in it - so i put a pen to it
& endure it - i been sent to tell you
You got it - & get ya mental in order
Im still working on mine till i get older /
Im giving you game
Only cause ive
Been thru the same
Yeah i know eyes
Rarely lie - we come from the same
& i know that you know you deserve better in life / til then u sit tight
Till then i can be grateful for the time ive been assigned / try to see alike / appreciate all the trials


These eyes have seen a lot of sht...
Like yours
Have seen a lot of sht though...

Verse 2
I done seen alotta good, lotta bad /
They try to tell me focus on the positive
But it's easier to tell me than stoppin it is
& another day is another chance @ trying again /
Better believe i see the silver lining
Saw it in ... a dream i had the other day
Sorry if...
I been imperfect
Feeling worthless /
I been a coward
At times Hercules

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