Ehsaan Tahmid
Words of Wisdom
A**alaamu 'Alaykum akhi
If you're not busy, could you just get a poem ready for me?
Alright, A**alaamu 'Alaykum

You see, I'm simply a Muslim
A brother in civilisation, occupied in obligation
I mean, according to my calculation
There is only One God with no duplication
I mean, we're Muslims, we bow down in prostration
To the Creator of all creation
I will be during this conservation, and providing a tip for intepretation
You see you could have all the money in the world through concentration and contemplation
Reaching a higher elevation, and then you see the Sun
Subhaan Allah, beautiful in decoration
Only to spark the realisation
That you don't know your final destination
The deen is amazing
I mean as you build up a foundation of education and information
Of course, we are the best of generations
Surely, this alone should be a cause for celebration
I mean, we are a nation of glorification
The black, the brown, I mean don't forget the asian
You see, this poem ain't easy
I'll try my best, to finish the rest
So join me in this path of purification
Following in the messenger's revelation
May Allah send upon him peace and salutation
So are you ready to pronounce the declaration
That there is One God
You're Muslim man, don't you feel the sensation
I mean I am not here to earn a name or fame
Because at the end of the day
There's always one to blame
For manipulating your minds and making life a game
In order to have Allah by your side
Forget the pride and the people who lied
Because the enemies collide
They will understand the truth that they denied