Ehsaan Tahmid
Prayer Is Better Than Sleep #FAJR
[Chorus: Ehsaan Tahmid]
Prayer is better than sleep x10

[Verse: Shabbir]
My jihad is called fajr
Whilst the world sleeps, I struggle
To rise from my sleep, from under the sheets
Attempting to gain ajr

My heart is yearning to wake
My body is pleading to rest
The water is cold, I have to be bold
For me it’s an ultimate test

I can sleep and dream some more
Or I can wake and call my lord
Supplicating to Him, Lord forgive all my sins
My aim is only reward

The devil does have me in knots
Three of them which are tying me down
I seek refuge from him, whilst washing my limbs
My wudhu can extinguish him now

My bed is full of comfort
But the comfort of heaven awaits
Forever within it, it’s just a few minutes
And fajr is out of the way
My resting place is temporary
But my final rest is permanent
So before I am gone, my deeds are but none
But with fajr I shall be earning them

It’s a daily struggle for all
Our day does go to waste
While we are living, lets fall in submission
Cos death we all shall taste

So seek not the life of this world
Paradise does not come cheap
We struggle and strive, whilst we are alive
It may be our last sleep

[Chorus: Ehsaan Tahmid]
Prayer is better than sleep x10