Peter Sotos
Bird Seed
[OLDER MALE]: Say hi. What’s your name?


[OLDER MALE]: Hi, Lisa. Say hi to Wendy.

[YOUNG GIRL]: Hi, Wendy.

[OLDER MALE]: Lisa’s a little- a little girl; she’s a customer here. So what are you doing here?

[YOUNG GIRL]: Um, having dinner.
[FEMALE VICTIM]: He took me into the bathroom, closed the door; I knew I couldn’t get away, I knew I wasn’t strong enough to fight him.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: Uh, and he put me on the sink and uh, proceeded to try to.. Um, “enter me,” and I said I had AIDS, and I had told him to put on a condom.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: And, um.. He just smirked at me, he knew, he- he thought I was lying, which I- I was, and I knew that he didn’t believe me.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: And I said, “C’mon, why don’t you just put on a rubber,” I said, “C’mon.” And he was try- I was fighting him a little bit, I- I was trying, y’know, I didn’t want him to penetrate me without a rubber.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: I said, “Let me go! I won’t scream, I’ll show you where the rubber is,” and so then I went into the bedroom area and I took uh, the rubber out- out of the drawer and I handed it to him; I didn’t see him put it on.
[FEMALE VICTIM]: ...Foster child.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: It was very abnormal. I was raped by my foster dad every weekend, both me and my sister.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: Okay, and it.. It was- they called it their “bubble bath time,” so..

[FEMALE VICTIM]: I don’t wanna talk about this bullsh*t.


[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: When I was 10 years old, my momma had a lotta men company, okay.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Um.. Luckily my father (unintelligible)..

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: I wasn’t raped, but it was getting close to that point where he had my clothes off, and my father happened to get up, y’know, before it really got out of hand.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: I was 10 years old, but that’s because my momma had a lotta traffic in and out of the house.
[PROST**UTE]: ...And I carry condoms all the time.

[PROST**UTE]: (laughs)

[PROST**UTE]: Constantly.

[REPORTER]: You make everybody use them?
[PROST**UTE]: For everything. I mean.. Even- even their hands, handjob. I don’t do nothing without a condom.

[REPORTER]: Do you ever get a guy that says they don’t wanna use one?

[PROST**UTE]: Yeah, but you can’t pay me enough, to- to die f- I mean, I don’t know of anybody or any money enough to die for.

[PROST**UTE]: And once I’m gone, who’s gonna take care of my kids?
[UNDERAGE PROST**UTE]: ...17 years.

[MALE REPORTER]: 17 years? You use condoms?

[UNDERAGE PROST**UTE]: Oh my god, yes. I got ‘em with me right now. I don’t want no AIDS. I’m clean.

[MALE REPORTER]: How- how many months are you pregnant?

[FEMALE TODDLER]: ...See, they’re having S-E-X.

[FEMALE TODDLER]: I mean, they’re actually having sex, ‘cause, in the bed, if they’re lying together..

[FEMALE TODDLER]: Uh, they’re, um..

[FEMALE TODDLER]: They have to go on top of each other. And remember, they’re naked, right?
[MALE REPORTER]: Does your mom know?
[FEMALE TEEN]: (shuffling)

[MALE REPORTER]: Does your mommy know?

[MALE REPORTER]: Okay. He would take his clothes off?


[FEMALE TEEN]: (sentence spoken in Spanish)

[MALE REPORTER]: And he would take your clothes off?

[MALE REPORTER]: And, did he tell you what would happen if you didn’t do anything?


[MALE REPORTER]: What would he say?

[FEMALE TEEN]: (sentence spoken in Spanish)

[MALE REPORTER]: That he was gonna do that to your sisters?


[MALE REPORTER]: Okay.. And, the first time was when you were 10?


[MALE REPORTER]: Okay. Where- where was your mommy?

[FEMALE TEEN]: Hm.. At work.

[MALE REPORTER]: At work? And where were your sisters?


[FEMALE TEEN]: (sentence spoken in Spanish)

[MALE REPORTER]: Asleep? And, how many times did this happen?

[FEMALE TEEN]: (sentence spoken in Spanish)

[MALE REPORTER]: More than 10 times or less than 10 times?


[MALE REPORTER]: More than 10 times?

[MALE REPORTER]: Okay. I need your help.

[MALE REPORTER]: And.. Everything that you told me, is that the truth or is it a lie?

[FEMALE TEEN]: True. Truth.

[YOUNG FEMALE, OLDER MALE]: (entire section spoken in Spanish, but is seemingly about an underage prost**ute who sells herself to provide for her family talking to a customer)
[FEMALE VICTIM]: ...Why does everyone put me through it?

[FEMALE VICTIM]: Because I let my stupid a** put myself through it, right?

[FEMALE VICTIM]: ‘Cause life is tearing me apart, is what it’s doing.

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: You could change that.. You’ve got the best kids in the world.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: (sobbing)

[FEMALE VICTIM]: Well I ain’t got ‘em. Kaden’s got the best kids in the world.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: I don’t have my kids because of what I do and because how I wanna be.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: I’m not ready to be no mother, I don’t want my kids..

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: You had all those hopes and things, you have a lot of hope in people..

[FEMALE VICTIM]: Those were my only hopes and dreams, merely thoughts.

[PSYCHOLOGIST, FEMALE VICTIM]: (unintelligible arguing)

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: ...It can happen if you make it happen.

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: You want the kids really badly, three fantastic kids.

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: You know how much you wanted kids?

[FEMALE VICTIM]: (sobbing)

[PSYCHOLOGIST]: That happened.

[FEMALE VICTIM]: They’re all b*st*rds.
[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...Maddi, please come home.

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Mom and daddy and Jessie are ready for you to come on home.
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...And I suffered a lot.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I can’t sleep at night, I can’t hardly eat. Y’know, I’m working, I can barely get up in the morning to go to work because my baby is still on my mind.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: The whole issue with him in Vegas, watching my child being molested, being strangled, being killed, being raped..

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Y’know, these people done just torn my life apart.
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: (phonecall)

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: “David? I want you to know you are accessory to my child’s murder, and I’m not gonna give up on you, David! I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU! DAVID!”
[PROTESTORS]: (chanting)

[PROTESTORS]: “He’s evil, he’s evil, he’s evil!”
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: (through a megaphone)

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: “This is a child that do not needs to be in your prison!”
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...Well first of all I would like to say, first giving honor to God, who’s the head of my life.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: The reason why I’m here today is to let the world know that there’s another murderer out there that’s accessory to my child’s murderer.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: And I would like to let everyone know that these Jeremy Strohmeyer, he’s incarcerated, but the first person that I’m going after right now, is David Cash who is accessory to my child’s murderer.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: He sat there in the bathroom, he watched it.. Did nothing, nothing at all, he could’ve went to the securities. He could’ve went to anyone. An a****. He watched his friend, his best friend as he say, go into a restroom, put his hand over his mouth.. Put his hands over my child’s mouth, where he raped her, strangled her, and- molested my child for no apparent reason.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Well, there’s something that I really don’t wanna discuss right now- at the moment, but I will let you know how, I got the call.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I got the call that Sunday morning, well I didn’t get the phone call but my sister, she told me about whatever happened. I was so crazy, my head..

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Drug. Stunned. State of shock. Ain’t realizing what happened to my child.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: (beginning to cry)

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: And I can’t believe it..

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: You mean to tell me I gotta hear something where somebody took my child’s life? Did my child like that, she couldn’t defend herself?

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Just imagine if it was your child. Imagine if it was any human. Period. Something has to be did about this. Not only to- to David Cash for seeing it and he didn’t do nothing, or Jeremy, but anybody- out there. Because you never knew what I went through. I am suffering a lot of pain.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I’m a 28-year-old mother. But I have- I don’t have that pretty child that you see on that screen right now. Y’know what I’m saying? So, it hurts.
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...You know how I’m, the Brady Bunch? Marsha, Janice, Andy..

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Everybody wanna be like Marsha ‘cause there was nothing that Marsha couldn’t do. Marsha would be on the, um.. In the mirror, all into her looks. But then, um.. She could also do a Greg, do like the boy scouts and all that..

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: That’s Ronnie. There was nothing she couldn’t do, but then they asked me if she’s a runaway child.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Is she sexually active? Is she a, um, a drug addict? And, do she do drugs?

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I was- and it p*ssed me off, that I cursed and I was like, “Hell no, my daughter ain’t no drug addict and she ain’t no- she ain’t sexually active.”

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: “Well you’ll be surprised what some 11-year-olds do,” is what the officer told me.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: And my words to him were, “I can’t speak for all the 11-year-olds but I know what THAT one does and it ain’t that.”
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...When I go, it’s like I’m going for the very first time.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Like when I took her, that I didn’t wanna be there, and I knew she shouldn’t be here.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: And it’s like I just wanna.. Lay down- lay down with her.
[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: ...I didn’t know what was happening.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: I knew that she was saying it hurt and she was crying out.. And, she looked at me and he saw her look at me and so, he yelled at me to leave the room. And not to tell, and um..

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: He threatened me. And cursed at me, and so I ran back down to my room and, hid under the blankets.

[MALE REPORTER]:How often did this happen?

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: It seemed like all the time. I must’ve been about 12, when he started..

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: (voice shaking)

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: The- the fondling that I remember, he- he would make me perform oral sex. So that was about 12, 13..

[MALE REPORTER]: 12-year-old?



[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Right.. And I think I was spared actual intercourse, because I think my sister kept intervening..

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Yeah. She knew. She always knew.

[MALE REPORTER]: You were telling your mother when your father was doing something to you?

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Right. I would ask her not to leave me home with him because, he would- I knew he was planning on doing something. And she would always leave me alone with him.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Even when I would beg her; I would clutch at her clothes and her body and say, “Don’t leave me!” She would.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: I told him no, and he was just pulling me by my arm, I was pretty, um.. Young, y’know, I didn’t weigh much, he would just pull me around like a ragdoll. And, he threw me down.. On, their bed..

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: Um.. Or it might’ve been the floor of the living room. I can’t remember now. And he proceeded to just.. Rape me.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: I didn’t know then that when you’re a virgin you bleed the first time. I was unaware of that. And I was bleeding and.. Uh, there had been spots of blood and stuff on the sheets that we’d used.

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: And when Darleen came home she saw that. And she acted like nothing happened.

[MALE REPORTER]: What’d she say?

[YOUNG FEMALE VICTIM]: ..She asked me if he pulled out. I didn’t know what she meant.

[MALE REPORTER]: She was afraid that he’d made you pregnant.

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...To these people that took her, please let Christina go.


[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: She is a wonderful kid. Please. I can’t imagine someone doing that to her. She is a wonderful- she is a nice kid. Please, just let her go.




[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...I don’t know, I don’t- don’t kn- know, how to express that.. It’s difficult for us but here we are, keep- going..

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Just, think positive and, keep ourselves busy.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...Somebody decided that she didn’t have the right to be with her family that loved her.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: And they took her, and I will get her back, if it takes the rest of my life I will get her back.
[YOUNG GIRL]: ...Daddy got switches out of trees, um, his belt out of his room, he whooped them bad.

[YOUNG GIRL]: He hit them hard. They screamed.. Like deadly murder.

[YOUNG GIRL]: I hid Abigail in the closet and hid my- self on my bed with my- pillow over my head so I didn’t hear it.

[YOUNG GIRL]: Every time we’d go to the restroom when we was in our, um, underwear, well, um.. He’d make us wear them on our heads.
[MALE TODDLER]: ...Guess what? Um, my brother shot our daddy.
[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: ...Well, what I can tell you is that I was just like the psychologist said, I didn’t wanna put tremendous fear on my children, and my daughter Megan walked in someone’s home, was brutally raped and murdered.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: This is the reality of what we live. And, our children have to be made aware of who’s out there.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: We replace the fear with education.

[MOTHER OF VICTIM]: Sexual abuse has been hidden in the closet too long and it’s time that we start addressing it and making our kids, further aware.

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I blame myself. I really do.

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I can’t stand myself because I let that man take my child.

[DISTRAUGHT MOTHER OF VICTIM]: I need to know, I need to find my baby.