Peter Sotos
He made us have sex with him and but
That there got lace and he's done it
With other people I don't know I just
Don't like him
We found out she had been defecated on
That that was smeared all over her body
And putting her mouth the children have
To live with this for the rest of their
It will never be known whether or not
The children were actually molested or
Whether they were led to believe they
Were molested the parents have to live
With this and there's nothing that I can
Say or anyone else can say to make them
Feel better we did the best job we could
Do with the information that was given
To us emotionally I
I'm very distraught I think we'll see
That almost all of us are very
Distraught about this whole thing I
Don't know what it's going to do to my
You know we've spent many years bringing
Him to therapy so he could handle it and
Now he's gonna have to look at this
Whole thing again and uh it's gonna be
Very detrimental
Starting to wear off a little bit now
And I didn't believe I definitely made
When the solvers broke and my daughter
Was talking to me about what happened to
It was really really tough a lot of
Sleepless nights and
A lot of questions and trying to
Understand what it happened well the
Jury is working with a standard of proof
That is not necessarily the real world I
Know my children were molested I've I've
Had my daughter lay in between my
Husband and I for a whole year because
She was so afraid that somebody would
Come and get her that they would kill
Her because she told now that's what I
Live with and the world yes we'll think
Ray Buckey is innocent and I just hope
That you don't send your children to his
Preschool it was just it was it was it
Was really hard stuff to talk about um
Well you know the groups of our kids
Were taken to various places off the
Campus at the school and where various
Acts were committed I really you know
Hate to get into the details because
Again I've done it so many times but I
Don't know it's just that once we were
Taken away those acts were committed we
Were usually brought back in the short
Period of time and I guess that would
Have seemed it would seem to a parent
That nothing had happened and I they you
Know it just it was really hard to as a
Child I remember at the time I can you
Know remember that it was just so hard
To talk try to talk about to anybody
Because you were just scared you're
Really scared and these things you
Couldn't you couldn't just come out and
Say my oh my I have a question it was
Really hard to do well I wanted to find
Out if they're going to jail or not and
Over the last five years I've no doubt
In my mind I thought they're going to
Jail and that when I heard the verdict
Not guilty I mean that she'll just when
It goes throughout your body
It's like tears running down your face
But not tears it's it's really bad you
Know well I was molested physically and
I'm not going to go in detail
And and 13 counts and I think that they
Call them mistrial the satanic Church
Heats up like that I was involved in
That - it's not hundreds don't come up
With the same story and just make up and
Make it up I might just add to that it
Was equally as difficult for us to
Listen to what he had to say and I can
Imagine how hard it was for him to tell
It it's not a story it's what really
Happened it's facts and you know it just
Hurts me to think that Rey is still out
I saw what the system did I saw how it
Treated children
I saw how treated a****s it doesn't work
Very well it didn't work for either side
And now everybody it's a very safe side
To be on saying gee these poor children
Went through hell and they did go
Through hell but I am not the cause of
Their hell neither is my brother and he
Had nothing that happened that preschool
Is the cause of their hell cause of
Their hell's the product of the a****s
Who took on this case and made it what
It is if we were lying I don't think
We've come up with such good lies if
This isn't true I mean you can do
Anything you want with me but it's true
They said that if we told that the devil
Would come and kill our parents and he
Said that we wouldn't live to be the age
Nine molesting me what does that mean
Where's my less than you they're
Touching us in places we don't want and
Then they would like threaten us like oh
You don't say a word else we're gonna
Come to your house and kill everybody
Except for you and we're gonna send you
To the devil and everything and they
Would scare us really much shocking it
Cannot be true
They're just wrong sorry my feeling is
We needed guilty verdict so that what's
Going on around the rest of the world
Can continue can be have have something
To be based on by saying not guilty
Everybod i o thei ow no bu it's
Everybody is on their own now but it's
Going on mountain life is not fair
I tell my children all the time and I
Did way before this ever entered our
Life there is no such thing as "fair"
Fair is the word in the dictionary if you
Think the such thing is fair go ahead
And think it doesn't mean anything
You'll always say it was unfair I'm just
Real disappointed you know we have
Programs all over the country that tell
Children to run and tell when somebody
Hurts them and our children told some of
Them spend days on the stand and they
Get a not guilty it shows that our
Justice system needs to revamp for kids
The kids are going to be important one
Of the things that somehow we we failed
To impress the jurors with during this
Trial was the level of fear that these
Children experienced and still do
Experience the University of California
Has just completed a longitudinal study
On this population and the most
Significant piece of data from that
Study is that many of these children six
Years after the trial and significant
Number of years after the experience
Still suffer from abnormal levels of
Fear about whether or not the world is a
Safe place to be about whether or not
They are going to be safe about whether
Or not their families are safe and what
Happened at the school involve terrorist
Tactics against the children and they
Really did believe that they might die
And that their parents might die and
That fear and that feeling of
Powerlessness is still there for did you
Ever believe that Brian yeah at a time I
Did the system worked well for them they
Were lucky and I hope to god that that
None of us ever hear anything in the
Future about either one of them
Molesting children these people are not
Quite all on kilter we're talking
They're believing nationwide conspiracy
Of ritualistic satanic abuse pedophiles
In preschool settings and gee we didn't
Find one trap of evidence in a
Nationwide conspiracy to back that out
That's their belief every every teacher
In Manhattan Beach is a child molester
Every preschool that was ever closed
With alligators it's a is a conspiracy
Of child molesters you listen to them
And they're talking witch-hunt that's
Plain and simple that's what they're
Talking daddy was heading the meeting
And he wore a real life's baby foot
Around his neck
She says they each drink the blood and
Then they all hurt me said how did they
Hurt you she spread her legs and pointed
To their crotch and says right here
Jimmy talks about having a gun held his
Head about being shown a skeleton about
Having to touch the skeleton he has
Drawn pictures of a child being
Sacrificed he's talked about animal
He's disclosed molestation the stories
Are so outrageous and I am such an
Honest person I a**umed everybody would
Believe me
And to this day I'll get in the middle
Of a story and I think they're gonna
Think I'm crazy
This sounds crazy but when you begin to
Hear this same thing time and again
Different stories but the same the same
Horrible underlying things the same
Behaviors and the kids I just want to
Scream that's the baby right there right
Here uh-huh
It came out of her already what they do
To the baby then David took it and kept
Throwing it against the wall and he and
He killed it I need to get in the house
No you saw that yeah they took it's in
An old caboose they had this thing with
A college thing Spain's yes bang they
Stuck it up my b*** garyun your dad
Uh-huh how did he get hurt