Peter Sotos
Didn't come a
Time where you started to wonder where
Yes I recall a whether I went out to the
Kitchen they noticed what time was but I
Said Jean carry my tomia and that's when
We became alarmed my son her daughter's
Lips later in the quarter second I
Stopped my commanding officer and I
Looked at him I made a man I died and he
Started crying and he talked about
Daughters but
Why we're talking Jason I went on back
Into the house left me out there in the
Porch by myself any last question he
Asked me was well is your mother father
Home in that time you still wobbling his
Head back and forth looking to the house
When he asked that question what
Happened that hello he kind of turned
Around so I started to close the door
But I felt a push on the other side he
Had pushed the door and pushed it open
With his hand he closed the door behind
Him and threatened he said have a knife
I hurt your brother and you if you don't
Cooperate he started rubbing my breasts
And my back and what happened that when
He had told me to get down on the floor
And I didn't respond so he pushed me
Down onto the floor he started unb***on
My pants and started to pull my jeans
Off now what did you do what did I do
I closed my legs and rolled over what
Happened that he rolled me back onto the
Mat my back
He took his fist and punched me in the
Forehead because I went taking my jeans
Off as he requested by that time he
Unbuckling his belt and unb***on his
Pants that he had on and this zip unzip
The zipper did you think I'm doing this
Yes I did what happened then he told me
Take your panties off you b*t*h it's
Literally what he said what happened
Then I was on the back on my back I
Yelled out for Jason twice I said Jason
Jason helped me what happened then he
Grabbed my ankles and pulled me
And the same motion he kind of got on
Top of me and started to try to kiss me
What did you do I tried to push him away
Here you know move my head what happened
Then he put the blankets the corners
Edge of the blanket in the sheet in my
Mouth and put my arm behind me and
Held both of my wrists with his hand on
One side of me you know while he was
Doing this he was basically on top here
Prayer all right holding me down and he
Was moving so he could do this but what
Happened then he kissed and touched my
Breath and then he pulled my underwear
Down and he had oral sex what happened
After he had oral sex with you then he
Had sex with me v*****l sex yes after he
Had v*****l sex with you what happened
That he he rolled me over and kind of
Pushed me up the side of the bed and
Then and and then he had a*** sex with
Did you ejaculate? I think so
What happened then after dad he just
Kind of pushed me aside and got open
Did he say anything before he left yes
What do you say he said that to go ahead
And tell Ted because no one would
Believe me anyway
Ted was your boyfriend yes did you
Report this to the River Falls please
Did anyone go with you when he reported
This yes Ted why did you report this on
March 18 because everyone encouraged me
To do so except my dad and and I wanted
To do the right thing
Why didn't you report it earlier than
March 18
You just couldn't even think about it
Then force his p*n*s in my mouth and he
Would me he said him and he would say
And I would went up and he wouldn't let
Me huh he would just and I'd be gagging
I would be thinking he was gagging me to
Death I would feel it I mean you he
Would just hold my head down and I'd
What happened well that mean huh and he
Told me that that was what I had to do
And then he would go in my mouth and
That would make me swallow that's yes
I'd be gagging okay
Thank you mrs. Joe and I would run to
The bathroom this guy throwing that he
Was laughte happen amen he made me feel
Like I was just a trash I thought him I
Didn't want to do it it was against my
Religious beliefs and he said then I had
To do it anyway and he would do it in
Front of my kid we would be on our way
To visit my parents he didn't want me to
Do it in the car the officer told me to
Get in the car and he directed Jim to
Pull around the patrol car and further
Ahead into a gra**y area in front of
Where we were when you got to the
Troopers Paul was that area also dark
Yes Gary what happened next
He asked me had I had sexual intercourse
With Jim just in
And I was almost by es it
I had thought for a minute and then I
Said you know because I remember having
A Tampax it earlier and he told me that
He would have to check and see and he
Told me to lower my jeans did you lower
Your jeans when he told you to yes
After you lowered your genes what
Happened next he's this finger to check
And see if I had a Tampax on
What did he do with his finger?

[Unidentified Questionee]
He inserted it in my v*****.

What happened after that?

He told me that he did not feel anything but there was another way that I could be in the car and on my way

Did he indicate to you what he wanted you to do so you could be on your way?

Yes ma'am he did, I don't remember the exact words but I knew that he meant oral sex.

What did you do when you got behind the patrol car?

I went down on -- I was down on my knees, even with his p*n*s, unzipping his pants, and I (stuttering) engaged in the oral sex.


He had a knife at my throat and he kept saying get naked.

What kind of knife was it to the best of your memory?
It looked like a kitchen knife.

Do you remember about how long it was?

About that long.

Did you say anything to him?

I kept begging him just to leave me alone.

Did he leave you alone?


What were you thinking when the defendant woke you up and held an idea -- and had to take your clothes off?

I was scared
what was the next thing that
The defendant said to you

he just -- he didn't really talk that much, he just kept touching me and kissing me.

Where did the defendant touch you [censored]?

all over
My body

Could you tell us a little more detail

Um I'm gonna send them between my legs
Did he

what part of his body did he
Touch him

his hands

did he ever touch
You with his mouth


where did he
Touch you with his mouth

my breasts and between my legs.

did the defendant
Ever have you do anything to him


what was that

he made me put my hand
On his private areas

On his [censored]?


did you do that


did the
Defendant ever make any threats to you?

yes he
Told me to act like I was enjoying it
Not to make any noise so you tell me

After he actually already described
Defendant do anything else


What did he do?

He made me have intercourse with him

Did you ever attempt to yell?


Why not?

I was scared he'd kill me

When the defendant had intercourse with you. did he say anything to you?


What'd he ask?

If I'd like it better if it was big and black.

Did you respond to the defendant anyway?

I just -- I just kept begging him to leave me alone.