Peter Sotos
We thought it was a football helmet with
All bleached white looked like a
Football helmet her a tetherball we had
This bet going on what it was and
This $ bet going on what it was and
Then John jokingly said well what if
It's a body what did you do we checked
It out we can only see the head and the
Left hand sticking out of the mud had
Rings on it and apparently she had died
Screaming her mouth was opened once
Scariest thing they ever did see my
Sister all I saw was skin on her face
Very very little bit of skin no eyes
Left in her head most of her hair was
Gone there was hardly any skin on her at
All she look like a complete skeleton
That you’d find in a health cla** in
School it was not pleasant it was very
Upsetting to be honest we described how
Out of me Debbie she
She was a very sweet girl she was well
Liked by everybody one thing that she
Really liked to do was write poems I
Miss my daughter Deborah and I love her
More than anyone in the world I mean my
God she was only twenty-three years old till a
Three year old her daddy will not be
Back it's not easy
Trying to explain that somebody just
Blew him away it's not easy they could
Then they then they sliced my son’s
Son's throat he shot them in the head
They were leaving the motel they were
Had gone on vacation and as they were
Leaving this man forced him back into
The room had them lay down and shot him
In the back of the head the one thing
That was not presented as evidence was
After he murdered my my mother he
Masturbated and left this semen in a
Tissue next to her but this was not
Introduced as evidence as part of his
Personality because it's not a crime to
We buried Debbie in a pink child's
Casket because she she liked pink and
She was a child
She was little tomboy
You know she liked to play with boys
Climb trees you know she wasn't afraid
Anything you see there she's got
Lipstick on and I think she was in the
Sixth grade she was just getting more
Out of the tomboy stage into the
Feminine when I started finding out what
Was going on it was too late because it
Been going on for a while
Debbie was going to Planned Parenthood
And getting birth control pills when she was 11
12 years old I found out that she
Was smoking marijuana I found out that
Boys were a lot more interested in her
And just being friends a lot of things
That breaks a mother's heart they
Arrested her for prost**ution and didn't
Know who she was she she thought it was
A game I mean that was fun for for
People not to know who she really is she
Thought she was getting away with
Something you think you’re raising your
Kids normal you know you’re doing
Everything right and how she could get
Involved in something like that you know
When she'd never been exposed to it I
Couldn’t understand that I just I
Couldn't understand it at all it would
Be hard for a father after all it's my
Daughter them looking for a kid that I
Cared about her that I'll kid that her
Loved my last born my baby we looked for
Debbie for six years
And when they found her um I just paid
God they found her
As I sat down the bunam for three hours
Telling her all the things that I tried
To tell her was you alive
If you have kids and her out on the
Street you better go get them
Because if you don’t you won't have them
And when they're dead they're dead
Forever is forever by the time they
Start finding all these girls in real
Life they had a serial killer they were
All bones not too much evidence you can
Get some loan I called the task force
And I proceeded to get the same story
That I had gotten for two years they had
Not made any connection between Debbie
And prost**ution and until they do they
Weren't in the business of looking for
Runaways that was a typical story and so
I told him that I had pulled her picture
Out of their file and he said oh yeah we
We've been looking for Betty Jones you
Know since because nobody's seen
Her it's like they don't matter if this
Is common trash and these are children
And this is my girl and she's not trash
My daughter didn't do anything wrong
Not a thing wrong she didn't deserve
What she got when your children die of
You know natural illness that's one
Thing but for him to be murdered you
Know it's uh it's unreal to me and I
Don't know if it ever will be the pain I
Would like to see him dying the electric
Chair for the murder of my sister who
Was innocently innocently killed in cold
Blood I was abused for three years
Mostly physical and mentally but mostly
The mental part I got over the physical
But I'll never get over the mental
There's no way to tell you what this man
Has done to me and my family he doesn't
Deserve to live
Oh she was so cute she didn't watch she
Danced she was a little girl next door
She was everybody's sweetheart when
Things get out of hand and I can't
Handle it that's the way I think of her
I would like to have met the woman she
Would have been she would have been
Somebody took that a transformer and
Hooked you to my genitals and stepped
Back and took pictures I'm flopping
Around it seemed to never end you know
He had pictures guys that he had did did
Things to kids tied up and with Mark
Sullivan things I dug through it trash
And found different things at one time
I thought it would dog remains later on
After the vestigation to please come in
Three years later I found out that
There's a way they said Bob these both
Of some of the waste of the human
Remains-- he put him in dog food bags
And set them out of the trash when James
First disappeared even we we begged him
To do something to go in bird Ellis
House to get a search warrant for any
Reason to try to find my son in there
Because it had been told to us that he
Was possibly chained up in the house in
There Mary was very free-spirited as a
Child very lovable
I remember when she did good in school
She come home she'd be so proud of her
Report card too fast she always told me
Everybody don't worry I can yeah she
And he just asked me mom can I go out on
The back and get some air so I told him
Sure go ahead
Solid that's why I figured he was until
He was out there for quite a little
While and then coming back in I seen him
When he went out the back door knows the
Last time I saw him that was the last
Time it was a sunny they should never
Let him go because if they if they would
Have wouldn't have let him go my brother
Wouldn't be dead he'd still be alive I
Think it was wrong he asked her where
She was going and she said she was going
Home and he said he was going to Timber
Creek which was right next to our
Subdivision so she took a ride with him
I like to write stories she was a real
Life happy person let it show cuz it
Opal was for you you really had a second
Well I've kept opals room pretty much
Like she did there dolls are still on
Her bed just like she kept me you have
To go down and you have to identify your
Child and she said with us a big silent
Scream on her face and you're trying to
Understand why anybody could do
Something like that Carrie was a lovable
Person she was involved in choir
Church and she was a very bright
Intelligent person she always felt that
She could handle everything I have a
Dream that she's going to come back that
The person we buried was not her
Denise was a very trusting I think that
Probably is the biggest word trusting
She believed everybody was good and she
Thought I was a cynical old lady because
I tried to point out to her that some
People weren't and some people would
Hurt her if she wasn't careful I was
Going home from work in the afternoon I
Had the radio on to my favorite station
And they broke in with a newscast saying
That Denise had had been found that's
The way I heard it I heard on the radio
And it bothered me so badly that well I
Just couldn't drive I had to pull off
Side of the road and stop shaking then I
Thought about my wife being home and the
Possibility of her hearing on radio so I
Just drove home as fast as I could and
By the time I got there course she had
Already been told happened right about
Right here
Where we walked over to the car and we
Asked him if he was lost and then he got
Out of the car and threatened us said
That if we didn't get into the car that
He would kill us so I ran up the little
Bank over there to the neighbor's house
And Katie was crying and she got into
The car Katie had been so brutal eyes
That Tom said the only thing that looked
Like her we're there freckles on her
Face and the braces on her teeth she was
Such a good little kid and such a
Regular kid to allow a chair like that
To be destroyed this
And when he did this to my sister she
Killed the part of the family no matter
What she did how she lived her life she
Was my sister and I loved her very much