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"Dark Shades"

[Verse 1: Evidence + Alchemist]

Gotta step back for this sh*t
(A BIRD, A PLANE, TRAIN..)An auto mobile
An undefied moment flyin' over the hills
I know what I know and what I don't can't hurt

[The Alchemist]
Big Ben on the piano I programme and dirt
Lord Steppington, stepping in like George Jefferson

Count step a leather preference
Reverend run this rap sh*t

[The Alchemist]
Till we cross the finish line
And they wave the flag with the checkers and the criss cross
Gold medallist in the disc toss
Demo's out the window I fling

Like I'm watched by the pit boss
A feeling in my gut like Rick Ross
Chips in the air chuck a deuce and get lost

[Hook: The Alchemist]
I dont give a f*ck
I was thinking about holding my guitar and wearing dark shades

[Verse 2: Oh No + Roc C]

[Oh No]
I'm like the gun shooting off speeding bullets
Let the air hit your ear and hair, the flying bullet
I'm the heir to the throne up in here
Just keep lookin' man I swear
Got strings on the puppet
You gonna pull it

[Roc C]
Singular Semtex Cyanide and evil eye
Born in an evil time, crime in my DNA
A-N-D slick talkin' getchu R-I-P

[Oh No]
They throwin the locs and watch a n*gga D-I-E
I beat em with beats
I'm Blade with the shades, Marvel
Marvelous (?)
Crack ya, and watch them stagger
They lost their swagger, perhaps they just swagger jackin'

[Roc C]
Mick Jagger lives live from the tabernacle

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