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Yeah, b*tch
Can you turn the music up in the headphones?

I heard living like this is wrong so I'm smoking to get it right
It's so ugly face only mothers could like
I hold my strong arm steady so why you come to this fight
Hope that strong arm steady like I'm scoping to snipe
I'm sliding safe like it's stolen bases, I'm old and dangerous
I'm on a [?] glory days [?]
[?] is fading, let me burn my sages
The devil flirting but I curve him daily
I'm problematic, I make sure they hate me
Must be absurd and crazy
This how living dirty made me
Nothing from you herbs amaze me
Got in the game swore let these burdens change me
But I don't feel like the same person lately
f*ck being glossy, I don't keep that bullsh*t out my face
Pay attention even if my friends hissing
I push that bucket til it scrapes
Stay pressing to the metal, never let 'em catch a brake
If I don't get mines, I'm gon brake sh*t
If it ain't pay time then I won't say sh*t
It ain't no break time, feeding [?]
If you try to knock my hustle, you gon'' end with a break wrist
So used to being told my n*ggas we ain't sh*t
Sharpshooter venom and I'm slow and I can't miss
Crabs in a bucket on your own if you can't grip
It's f*ck everybody, then you speaking my language
What the f*ck

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