"Abu Enzo"

Ay, don’t let the hat and shoes fool you sir
I grew up with this anarchy let me school you sir
Baboons are sure to move on you if you unsure
Truth is elusive you could loosen up to Lucifer
You don’t survive where I’ve been half-blind and my grin
Different environments without knowing the signs of violence
All that nonsense is not where I’ve been tryin' to go

But your boys just gotta know not to think that I the ho
If my eyes are closed and I start nodding slow
I ain’t blow no kind of dro
I’m trying to get my drumsticks to rock and roll
Leafing through the cosmos read it like it's Cosmo
Everything I see I know is deposited inside my soul
It pushed me to the threshold
I know just what the spirit does when the flesh folds
Break the scale I’m only playing the best notes
From distress to effervesce mode

MPC by Abu Enzo

Uh huh, yeah
Twinkle in the ivories
You know what a twinkle in my eye could mean
And what defines my dreams
The second they describe the scene, I bought it sight unseen
And provide the means for driving with the highest beams
Uh, I revealed it in the silent stillness
Uh, I dry my shield and then they fought me fearless
Uh, I read about it til I finally feel it
Uh, inside the secrets of my life experience
Uh, them ones I thought were masters go and show they ass aroma
If I don't back up off you then I'm after smashing on ya
Don't be sad because the magic's over
I'm still on the path and better than I had been if I hadn't known ya
As a teacher, you mastered it all
Taught us how to climb, and showed us how to fall
If you should drop a line and I don't grab the call
I'll catch you on the other side when you're standing tall
Yes y'all
It pushed me to the threshold
I know just what the spirit does when the flesh folds
So alive, close the eyes and let the breath flow
Give and forgive, or get and get forgetful
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