"Father Figures"

It's very important to me that whatever I have to say is worth saying
Truth teller, truth yeller
Proof, Evi-dence, yes, yes
It's very important to me that whatever I have to say is worth saying

[Verse 1]
Full grown father of four still in search of father figures
Hard to feel at home here in the body that my trauma lives in
Self-hatred still my opposition
I chop a parcel out the wisdom I've been given out atop the rhythm
I'm not a victim or a liar and I'm not afraid
Offer me a kingdom, if it's wrong, I'll walk away
I know my talent versus fame isn't adding up
Folk that know me throwin' shade said I ain't wanted it bad enough
Seen so many change and get strange for the spotlight
If that's what you mean brother, you couldn't be more right
I'd rather feel shame than an atom's weight of arrogance
Mention deaths name, prepared for it, ain't fearing it
Atheists describe the God that they don't believe in
See we ain't even at odds cause I don't feel that neither

I know we come from a source that's much realer
A cause that all the sleepers keep concealing, seekers overcome the amnesia

Feel the heartbreak bleeding all through my songs
My Atmosphere brothers brought me along
I carry on for the love of love, and for the hope of hope
I feel it from above, and hold the moment close
Soak up the rawness, floating all through my songs
The Al Taw'am twins kept me strong, I soldier on
For the love of love, and for the hope of hope
I catch a sudden buzz, an overdose
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