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"The Last Shall Be First"

[Verse 1: Rakaa]
Gumbo genetic frames, jumbos for cheap on beat
Skyscrapin’ all through NYC
Freewayin’ through my L.A. streets
Like old school Crenshaw, Sunday nights out in Venice Beach
Call it Dope Rhymes and DVD, Free P
Hypocrites got us one free of World War III
Taxpaying citizens, getting stressed by the Beast
Rival one, West Coast artist, rest in peace
I’m heaven high, one to ten, eleven high rated
Rakaa high, stepping through the fire, repping Dilated
Alignment of the stars, I even see it fall
From my observatory, I focus and see it all
If I could hold the mic, hold the can and see the wall
Touch the wax and see the stage and keep waiting for me to stall
I don’t rest, but I’m definitely blessed
I’m Wild West and one of the next
The last is first

Transforming pain into millions...
The Last is First
The first shall be last, and the last is first

[Verse 2: Evidence]
The future sights on another sound
Shock G was right
It’s a digital underground, Money B was right too
Twenty-three took flight, high school years took mics
My words battle, I’m unlike you
Despite a couple forks in the road, another episode
Apocalypse a couple years away, we run right through
Barricades get broke, the marathon get ran
Each day the moon sets, the sun shines new
And when I move on, I’m done times two
I get my groove on, and you gone jet
Forget who played who
I’m the last of a dying breed, just found a cure for us
So jump off my jock, DP the new Award Tour
It’s top notches, we cop watches
But can’t buy time, possessed from these objects
The Far Left, I’m part of the next
The last is first


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