Paris (Rap)

"Peace To My Enemies"

[Produced by Paris]

[Verse 1]
Now I was raised on the phrase, "It was funk for life"
Because the hood never understood wrong from right
All we knew was‚ "Be strong and fight"
And if somebody wanted static with the gang‚ it was on tonight
These days‚ that they don't even know what I'm on at night
I just wanna come home at night
I just wanna be there to get the door for my daughter and her momma
When she bring her for the week, so I sleep 'til the mornin' light
Yup, that's what I'm on tonight
I don't long to fight‚ so I just hone my pride
Homeboys hit the cell, "Tomie Kash, what's happenin'?"
I pass on the episode of clubbin' and jackin'
And then I think about my adolescent hood beefs
Squanderin' what I could be as a grown man
Realizin' I'm lucky to be alive
And there's much more to life than drama
I moved on‚ man

I know the violence won't cease 'til I end the beef
And bring peace to my enemies
Pullin' the pistol 'cause I can't have the remedy
I gotta bring peace to my enemies
If I lay back for a minute, I begin to see
The answer is peace to my enemies
Time for me to leave street life in the streets
And bring peace to my enemies
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