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Paris (Rap)

"Good Morning America"

[Verse 1]
I'm from a land where there's no second chances
No hopes planned for your growth and advancement
Cats with gats get active, injectives for scratchin' rims
Any assets, they attack it
Single mothers on the stomach for the cash
Rummage in the trash, her son is with his dad
Playin' around with the loaded guns in his pad
Now he layin' on the stretcher with a slug in his head
Granny and Auntie both struggle for diplomas
Homeless but focused fo' us
Growed up, loc'ed up, no love
No trust amongst men, so the women go show us for us
I'm from the city where the non-Black liberals
Con Black liberals, President Clinton style
Chauncey Bailey got shot by the cops
When they called on practicin' extortion
America, good morning

America, good morning

[Verse 2]
I never put what's goin' on overseas
Over OG's tryin' to change with no colleague
On his knees, hopin' he don't fo' three
Hopefully, he queen and fo' seeds gon' eat
No rollie, holdin' he, no degree
Smokin' weed, goatee, so clean the whole we
Tryin' to get a job at the church hall but he can't
Whenever he asked for an application, people don't speak
So he won't sleep, he gon' creep
And put the chrome to your cheek for your grown G
And while you tried to hustle money for kids in other countries
Your kids roam the streets for bones with me
You can call it Jena Six or Gena Six
Just remember what them white kids in Virginia did
The BART police killin' of Oscar Grant is the real Third World War in
America, good morning

America, good morning
Yo, yo

[Verse 3]
The far Left ain't made much progress
In the projects where the youth still saw death
And for the record, I ain't anti-y'all
Just anti-y'all long checks off our stress
Y'all suggest no meat and go vegan
But it's slow healin' fo' the po' people if you won't feed 'em
So it's mo' coke, weed, and Old English
Even though it won't free us, the relief is mo' immediate
Pardon my political disobedience
Young, Black G's from the streets are in need of this
Not a panel discussion, a protest
While the so-called pro-Left gentrify the whole set
I believe true Black liberation
Don't come with the rich, far-Left dissection
Our freedom means a lot to 'em
But their own privilege is more important
America, good morning

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