Chubb Rock
Mr. Large

TRU: Hey yo-yo-yo! Hey, chill, here comes Mr. Large, yo!

MR. LARGE: Yo what happened to the beat? Yo, Diehard, gimme a beat!

DIEHARD: OK, boss!

[Verse: Chubb Rock/Mr. Large (Diehard/Biz Markie)]
From East to West, whether you're thin or thick
Whether your girl sucks lollys, or just pure dick
Mario Puzo said that I'm the Don
W-W, I'm the shit dot com!
The first born, gone, born conceited
The black Moses asked me to leave Egypt
Straight petty, I manage Heavy and Riley, Teddy
I gave R. Kelly a Rolex with a diamond bezzy
Rock steady, beg me, consider me stern
The original hoodlum, Fishburne had to learn
Supersperm, court's adjourned for the knowledge
(You, you got what I need!) Let her toss your salad
Big hittas love to sit wit big figgas
I love black people, but I can't stand n***as
The Ozz heads, back me, and cock Shocky
Ready to hold it down, I pop n***as like acne
Pay a token to breathe, Apollo with no creed
For every government n***a, there's government cheese
I'm Mr. Please, Mr. Large, thirty foot garage
Mercedes Beggy, mad Teddy, Mr. Elly!