Chubb Rock
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[Verse 1: Chubb Rock]
Flatbush born, mingled with the Children of the Corn
Performed, got in the game eight years before Lost in the Storm
Remember St James, Gates and Green, odd hurdle
Got a few chips relocated to Waverly and Myrtle
Model chicks on Willoughby, Fulton is straight Estee Lauder
Spike Lee's up the street, Guru and Primo's up the corner
Easy Mo Bee was being more easy on Clinton
Got my LG n***as with luggage, straight tripping
I think Masta Ace was over there on Lafayette
Daddy-O was in Bed Stuy created the sonic of Stet
In Marcy there was The Jaz while Kane was on Lewis Ave
I'm from Vanderveer where n***as here don't take out the trash
We don't rap for nothing, we're all about hush cash
As a youth with a furrowed brow taking your bus pass
Peace to Star and Buc in Crown Heights with a smoke shop
Or my n***a Freeze in Bushwick with all that Spanish chocha

[Verse 2: Wordsworth]
Well after coming from a battle KRS won
Not for Cash Money, all for a charity that the Rev run
Seen DMC coming from EP's MD
Just bought tea, the product G&B from GMC
Hopped on the train, seen Lil' Wayne kick it
For a few minutes he came from the Hieroglyphics exhibit
Down there it's helter skelter, someone bucked shots
It was held at the Galleria by me and the X of Sadat
Dr. Dre arrived too late, someone left with a scratch
One person was maced, another with a scarred face
Corrupt cops began to snoop, questioned slum villagers
The only Clue they had was a Timberland, and Daz's Dillinger
Def Squad heard nothing, Royce didn't talk
Described the gunman, 5'9" on the police report
They lied, he had an alibi, drove to Cypress Hill
Where Jalil sold cannabis and ecstacy pills
When the cops rolled up, doors locked, heads fled
Someone said Larry you shot up the spot with the Dead Prez
Pointed to Suave House, ??appoint?? ?????
Saw the cops, Larry's Adidas Shells sped like D12's
Jakes chased, lost him and they tried to get details
They saw Pete Rock, he quickly answered he didn't see L
In Larry's crib, found a safe, no key to the locks
Opened it, there was a bomb, three seconds left on the clock
So there you go, sound like someone you know
Got you thinking he gon' hook you up and help you blow
But then you don't, so now you're broke
Spent time in the studio, lost all your dough
You feeling low, taking your daily throw
Don't recoup that advance then it's them you owe
Without a hot song and you can't get a show
In this business it's not the talent, it's who you know

[Verse 3: MF DOOM]
The Supervillain's the name, still in the game, the same biz
What's his face told y'all what the name of the game is
Downtown on the skip-stop, crisp new Timbs
Damage on my corns like flip flops, and who's him?
Rap cats act brave as hell
Get on the mic and turn gangster on some "Yeah, see" like Dave Chappelle
More like Screech, Saved by the Bell
Black man on some "I'm a man's man" man's man name is Shaq Man
Then they get on the first year later
Get their first hater, their first pair of gators
To the perpetrators he's The Unknown Comic
Who spit on the microphone in chunks of thrown vomit
It's just a shame, bust this aim
Lust for fame crushed his frame, like what's his name
And whatchamacallit remind him of Mini-Me
With Minnie Mouse in Gucci from her coochie to her skinny knee
Like thirteen earthlings, Cool Hand Luke
Who dropped jewel and influence the youth like Buk
All he do is puke when he in need of a speedy line
He said "every rhyme I mastermind like Se' Divine"
You greedy swine, don't eat pork
In the Streets of New York you out of place like Mork
From Ork, dork, Paul pop the cork
Drop me in Newark airport, I'm supposed to meet Björk
But what's all the fuss about? Hush up your big mouth
I sent her out to see Grimm to bust him out the big house
Yup, see that's how rumors get started
A certified older cat who don't get carded
DOOM could write a rhyme on demand
And get money as if he had time on his hands
And when he not in the lab doing flows and vocals
He out in the streets throwing bones with the locals
Never underestimate the next man's thirst
It could be way far worse than a whole jar of Starburst
Mmmm, he keeps those by the pound load
Emcees run from common locations like download
I think it's rather spectacular
How they come out they neck, bite and suck like Dracula
In case you just tuned in, once again
We're here with the Supervillain, known as hip hop's Gunga Din