[Verse 1: Killstation]
Sit here and looking for every second
I'm making my moves and counting my blessings
I don't give a f**k if you don't get my message
I'm late to respond if you act like you flexin' I'm done
F**k, blood

Gotta make my smoke before I OD
I'm goin' harder than your momma, father, brother, cousin
And I'm proper, man
Now wet 'em up and smoke 'em man
Swimming in the t**ties come and find my girl
Hear my lyrics run the world
Now POOLBOI like on top of girls
Took my brain and take the pen and put it in another vein
POOLBOI know you f**king great
Popping sh*t that make you think
B*t*h, better wanna f**k
Drugs, wanna f**k, its what?
Blood, blood, blood, blood

[Outro: Killstation]
Blood, blood, blood
Spill your f**king blood
Blood, blood, blood
Spill your f**king blood