Raccoon City Freestyle
[Intro: Killstation]
Michael Warren's Bright Raccoon 21 Plan
Michael Warren's Bright Raccoon 21 Plan

[Verse: Killstation]
Birkin was attacked by an Umbrella Security Service team sent to retrieve a sample
This led to series of events that culminated in a T-Virus contamination in the Victory Lake
United States, 1998, destroyed by the T-Virus outbreak, –break
Oppressed right by a United States government facility
Under Umbrella organization took off rapidly
The national army, the national guard
Michael Warren's Bright Raccoon 21 Plan
Evacuation of civilians despite the-despite the efforts, the infection continued
Infected rats enter in the water supply (Yeah)
Infected rats enter in the water supply
Following an emergency meeting of congress
Trying to control the outbreak, the president
Made the controversial decision to fire
An experimental thermobaric missile
The operation began after daybreak
Death toll was over one hundred thousand
The president resigned after this event
Faced with public outrage at his decision
What was left of raccoon city, and the surrounding area was locked down to contain any surviving biohazardous material
[A government research outpost?] was constructed in the center of the ruined city
In which surviving material could be cataloged for research
The destruction of Raccoon City–City
Had global ramifications
No longer committed into the illegal invest**ure in bioweapons
From Umbrella, the US government turned on the corporation
And banned Umbrella USA from conducting business before liquidating it
Umbrella was also faced with payment, of compensation
[Verse 2: Thepoolboi]
RPG hit the whole base, me and my–
Me and my members ate your whole face
No investigation, no police sanction
No investigation, no police station
Swamp gas on me
Me and my zombies
We gon' eat your body
We gon get to armies
Survivors and bystanders under destruction
Leave their brain bloody until they can't function
We gon' black out the news
Then you gon' listen to my radical views, ouh
I'ma–I'ma infect your whole crew