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"Note To Self"

I woke up with the morning blues
And told myself everything I wanted to do
Was out of reach and not worth my time

My self esteem had hit the floor
The best of me walked out without a word or more
I'm all at sea and not worth your time

Wipe the sleep from out my eyes
It's time for me to realise
If you've little faith in who you are and what you believe in
Life won't make it easy, you'll be stuck with this feeling
Self loathing, anxiety
A weight I bare inside of me
The man this world has made of me

The pouring rain hangs off my chin
The wind blew down this house of cards I'm living in
I'm all at sea and don't have much time

Just when you think you’ve found the piece that can pull this all together
Watch my happiness grow into something cold and bitter
Brought on by my own obsessive, compulsive need to better myself
No regard for my own health

Can't find a reason why
I can never be, I can never be alright
For more than one day
But something tells me
It's down to me myself and I
I'm my own worst enemy

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