Floating Labels lyrics


[Mashup of Labels by GZA from Liquid Swords
Floating Boy by Fugazi from End Hits]

[Intro, bong hit sound from Pink Frosty by Fugazi from End Hits]

[Verse 1: GZA]
Tommy ain't my motherf**king boy
When you fake moves on a n***a you employ
We'll all emerge off your set, now you know God damn
I show living large n***as how to flip a def jam
And rough up the motherf**king house cause I smother
You cold chilling motherf**kers, I still warner brother
I'm ruthless my clan don't have to act wild
That sh*t is jive, an old sleeping bag profile
The soft comedian rap sh*t ain't the rough witty
On the reel to reel it wasn't from a tough city
n***as be game, thinking that they lyrical surgeons
They know they microphone's a virgin
And if you ain't boned a mic you couldn't hurt a bee
That's like going to Venus driving a mercury
The capitol of this rugged slang is Wu-Tang
Witty unpredictable talent and natural game
I death row an MC with mic cables
The epic is that I rush associated labels
From east west to atco, I bring it to a next plateau
But I keep it phat though, yo
I'm hitting batters up with the wild pitch style
I even show an Uptown MCA style
Who thought he saw me on 4th & Broadway
But I was out on the island, bombing MC's all day
My priority is that I'm first priority
I bone the secret out a b*t*h in a sorority
So look out for A&M, the Abbot and the Master
Breaking down your pendulum
As I fiend MC's out with a blow that'll numb the a-
-ppendix, I'm holding more more weight than Colombia
Index Interscope, we RCA, clan
That's coming with a plan to free a
Slave of a mental death MC don't panic
Throw that A&R n***a off the boat in the Atlantic
Now who's the bad boy character, not from Arista
But firing weapons released on Geffen
So duck as I struck with the soul of Motown
My central broadcasting systems is low down
And dirty, like that b*st*rd
It's getting drastic

[Outro: GZA]
Read the label and say it loud
Another Wu banger
Thirty-six chambers, through your area
Read the label and say it loud
Another Wu banger
Thirty-six chambers, through your area
Another Wu banger

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