Dean Lewis


[Verse 1]
There is a swelling storm
And I'm caught up in the middle of it all
And it takes control of the person that I thought I was
The boy I used to know
But there is a light in the dark
And I feel its warmth
In my hands, in my heart
But why can't I hold on?

It comes and goes in waves
It always does, always does
We watch as our young hearts fade
Into the flood, into the flood

And the freedom of falling
The feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through my fingers
I'm trying hard to let go
It comes and goes in waves
It comes and goes in waves
And carries us away

[Verse 2]
Through the wind
Down to the place we used to lay when we were kids
Memories of a stolen place
Caught in the silence, an echo lost in space

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