7 Minutes

Dean Lewis

[Verse 1]
It's been seven minutes now since I've lost my way
It doesn't seem that long but my whole world has changed
It's in all the little things, when you smile, now it stings
It's been seven minutes since I've lost the girl of my dreams
It's been half an hour now since I dropped you home
And I'm driving past the places we both know
Past the bar where we first kissed and that movie that we missed
'Cause we were hanging out in the parking lot
Now I sink a little deeper, think a little clearer
Looking at myself through these newfound eyes

Is it too late to turn around?
I'm already halfway out of town
Now I know how I let you down
Oh, I finally figured it out

I forgot to love you, love you, love you
I forgot to love you, love you, love you

[Verse 2]
Radio's playing songs for me and you
"Chasing Cars" reminds me of nights in your room
Drinking wine under your window, back when life was so damn simple
How the hell did I end up losing you? Mmm

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