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[Verse 1: Kamiyada]
I live my life on the run
Carry the weight of the sun
He burning holes through my back and I'm living but I take the pain then I stunt
They wanna see me laid out
b*tch, my mind is made up and I'm holding the gun
Under my chin, I breathe that sh*t in and I bury the smoke in my lungs
My n*ggas movin' so ruthless
Midnight, you know we the movement
n*ggas can talk all they want, but the section we come in, collect and they clueless
b*tch, don't you ever forget
pus*y boy, show some respect
We been the Gods of this sh*t
If you doubting us, we rip your soul out your chest
You can suck di*k when the clock ticks
Tell your b*tch so she my hostage
Midnight the plug I'm the socket
I connect with the TEC and you drop quick
I can't go down on that opp sh*t
Sweep with the mobs when I mop sh*t
These n*ggas wanna be brighter than us
But don't got the credentials to talk sh*t

[Verse 2: Bambi]
See I was down but I ain't out
Your b*tch f*ck me for some clout
pus*y n*gga f*ck with me
And you see what I'm about
pus*y boy don't run your mouth
Oh you thought it was a drought
But its f*cking Bambi season and the leaves are turning brown

[Verse 3: Rare Akuma]
And everyday I go through the same things f*ck that I can’t wait to stand up go away
And I will never ever hit floor again, f*ck that I’d rather perish and I put that on my momma
I'm from a place where talent isn’t recognized f*ck that
I'm finna make all of you f*ckers run for cover
And everyday I go through the same things f*ck that I can't wait to watch you f*ck out of my face

[Verse 4: Kamiyada]
I made this music my playground
If I lay your sh*t out you goin' stay down
Solid Snake how I come with the take downs
Start over title, b*tch say when he lay down
You ain't laid no foundation don't lie to me
Smoke a pound and you still ain't as high as me
I'm on acid, I'm moving that hyper speed
I been the sh*t, you just p*ss on the toilet seat

[Verse 5: Eloim]
Winter is here and i need to feel your warmth
I can't, and I can't stop feeling cold

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