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"Slow down"

[Verse 1]
Fifth mixtape gotta flex for a minute
All my new tracks coming and it sound so different
I been cooking in the kitchen
Literally, like I been making fried rice and enchiladas
But my best dish guac
Meaning that I get that green no guap
Meaning that I get that green jalapeno
With the way flow hot
Meaning that my flow godly full stop
Bring it back
I been gone for a little graduated from the griddle
Smack dab in the middle of skittles and pulling trigger
My sound
So jazz hands looking like the wiggles
And my bag so packed with the contents Riddler green
Like I got a lot of questions man/
But I been feeling under pressure
I don't even have a second for myself
Much less questions but I mean I guess

When you gonna give us something tangible to handle
Real soon
But lately I been feeling like an animal
A savage or a cannibal I'm burning the candle at both ends
Real mood
No dude like I'm serious
But when you gonna make it
And remember when you're famous me too
To be honest I been thinking the same thing
Been waiting every day for frame change
But lames stay present
Imma just maintain the same gang

Bang bang with consecutive drops
All my church friends confused with the secular bops
But I been writing all my vices on the page
Needing more experience it's coming with the age
Cause I ain't writing bout Chick-Fil-A no more
Or ripping the same bowl cause greatness is attainable
Slaying the whole game I'm here to stay
But Imma switch up the flow
But if too fast it's unintelligible

[Hook] x3
So Imma
Slow down

[Verse 2]
See just how I'm living
Imma listen to my critics
And I'm getting into physics
How I'm flipping over catechisms
Started getting busy getting digits
Now I'm lifted on my writtens
And I stand for something different like an acronym is
Fact is I'm a plastic addict
With a knack and a talent for taking on challenges
So I gotta put in time for practice
If I want it in the basket
G-g-g-grind til the day I'm in a casket
Back to back attack the whack and ratchet
Strange how I'm gas lit and feeling more accurate
Adamant and passionate protagonist
And soon to be a graduate
But you could not imagine what I do next
So whose neck did I suplex
Tryna get a duplex after like two checks
Going in circles on a loopty loop
Tryna get the beau coup money with a roofless coupe

But at the same time money never saved lives
Know I had a better outlook when I was ye high
Everybody telling me that greatness takes time
But if you ever doubting me I'm showing my canines
So rate my rhymes if you are thinking you could take me on
Lyricism next level you'd be fatally wrong
Yo I go fast too like it's Ramadan
And all my songs got no features I don't pass baton
So wax on wax off on a path of mastering craft
All these other mumble rappers actually trash
Tryna blow up in spectacular fashion
So I do it big, Action Bronson, Hulk smash
So check your facts I'm a Vietnamese Gambino on beat
Tryna see, all these trash rappers getting deleted
So best decision retreat recede defeated
Abort kill mission like assassinating fetus
Let's get it

So who's rapping is it benny or bo
Cause everybody thought they knew
But now they really don't know
I'm just a mess, obsessed and stressed and pressed for time
I'm just hoping that they see me 'fore I lose my mind
And I'm gone


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