Destined (Intro)
It's the Ville!
Aye, somebody call my ex and tell her I made it, n***a!
Uh, Flex On My Ex

[Verse 1]
Look, look
Five years, girl, you slept with a star
Bet you never thought I'd make it this far
But I planned for this sh*t
Just like I planned to be rich
I heard your new n***a rapping
He a fan of my sh*t
Tell him keep on grinding
Tell him dreams come true
Just gotta wait for perfect [?]
And don't you leave him
Give him love and support
The sh*t you never gave me
But I ain't need it, of course
Wish you could feel these leather seats
When I speedin' that Porsche
See, I been thinkin' 'bout the times
When we met on that porch
And I told you that I rapped
And be the greatest to do it
Taking trips up in your Buick
I would play you my music
But, sh*t, you weren't f**king with it
You'd get mad and you muted
And that sh*t hurt me deeply
I really let you treat me
I'll die alone before I let another b*t*h deceive me
And my city is so happy for me
I hear 'em clapping for me
'Cause they know everything I did to get the world to know me
Remember watching dope dealers like [?] and Jody
Then watching my heroes from the block
Coming up as they [?]
It's been a long road
Thought about selling my soul
Lord, forgive me for my sins and all the dope I sold
I seen a lot and done a lot in my 22 years
I told my sister "Look, we aren't white but wipe your tears"
Poodieville, I ain't too far from the best
Welcome, all, it's time to flex on my ex
And I thank you all for tuning in