Late Night Vibes
[Verse: Poodieville]
I remember all them times you would cry to me
And that sh*t hurt me but I never show that side of me
'Cause my last girl told me she would ride for me
I fell in love with her, and she lied to me
So this the way it's gotta be
'Cause last night I f**ked another n***as property
See she called him on the phone and said she with the girls
I looked at her and shook my head, it's a slimy world
That's why my heart cold
I been dealing with the fact I'll probably die alone
And I'm so brainwashed by my past woes
Found a good girl and I still treat her like a hoe
And the fact I treat her like a hoe
Turn her heart to snow, so cold
That's how the cycle goes
This generation losing hope
We got babies having babies
Every girl is a bad b*t*h, what happened to the ladies?
They claiming I'm a dog, well, can you blame me?
'Cause home training ain't something I seen lately
No loyalty or royalty, where's the queens lately?
She just want a n***a in a limelight
Yeah, yo' pu**y good but what yo' mind like?
It ain't always 'bout the sex boo
Sometimes I just want somebody to vent to
I know you don't care but sh*t at least attempt to
You won't believe all the crazy sh*t that I been through, yeah
All the things that's on that mental
And I can't love you girl, but I'll pretend too
Why you gotta start girl, why you gotta start?
Just because we f**ked it don't mean I want ya' heart
I tell a girl I love her and don't mean that sh*t at all
'Cause the last girl played me and she turned me to a dog, b*t*h roof roof yea she turned me to a dog b*t*h roof roof