Bad or a Sad Bitch
Yeah, look, look, look

A bad b*t*h is independent, she don't need a n***a
A sad b*t*h is a sl*t with a team of n***as
A bad b*t*h she gon' grind and run up a check
A sad b*t*h'll f**k a baller and feel like she blessed
Silly hoe, he only f**ked you cause yo a** fat
Tryna spend up all this money - where yo cash at?
Right you broke, you a joke, you ain't no bad b*t*h
Suckin' f**kin' n***as for designer, that's some sad sh*t
You in the club going "ooouuu"
But yo phone bill and rent is over-dooouuu
How you can't pay yo bills? You on section 8
Yo baby daddy went to jail - he in a better place
A bad b*t*h she got brains college educated
A sad b*t*h dropped out and never graduated
A bad b*t*h she gon' strip for a better life
A sad b*t*h'll show her a** for 200 likes
A bad b*t*h'll have a baby do everything for him
Sad b*t*h screamin' "team no kids," but have four abortions, ahh
You need to stop, revaluate, and make a plan
Instead of tryna take the next girl man
Yeah, and I swear to God this should go viral
So every girl know this verse should be in the Bible
Don't mind me, I'm just really talking cash sh*t
But let me know, is you a bad, or a sad b*t*h?