Closer To My Dreams
[Verse 1]
Closer to my dreams..
Came from the dungeon where it's real dark
Asked the devil 'what's your show card?'
Don't ask me what the cause of it
Knock knock get the door, that's the lord coming
Look me in my eyes like a real n***a
You see now what it's like forget ya
20 to life for your life ending
Ain't no running they gon' fly with 'em
Anybody wanna be a hero they can die with 'em
Standing here looking in the mirror, ain't no God in 'em
Just the Fly Money Mob with 'em
But got the talent that be God given
Can't wait till the Lord reveal a fake n***a
You slide behind my back, you a snake n***a
Get yo' fingers out my plate n***a
What you want?
A piece of my cake n***a?
You in the car boy I started that sh*t
That's why my city love my a** cus' I'm the heart of that sh*t
And it's still f**k my ex
Gave my all to that b*t*h
But now I'm good
I won't even answer calls for that b*t*h
See my new girl tripping
So I had to cut her
And that was hard for me cus' i swear I really loved her
But you know how the game go they tell you what they wanna
I was played in my past won't get tricked by another
And when I signed my deal man I couldn't believe it
Anything that you dream you could really achieve it
I mean last year I was flipping burgers for cash
Now I'm VIP shining
Taking pictures with fans
That's for my dad n***a