People say a lot of things to build up their self-esteem
On the internet they sh*t on your dreams, yeah
Dark thoughts, iv’e been thinking some things
Still struggle with the drugs, trying keeping it clean
I just get loaded and watch the rope hang, just picked up cocaine
My man stuck in a cold cage
Yeah, it’s gonna take a lot of praying for this soul to be saved
I give my soul and everything I got just to be sane
And I don’t care about no fame, I been thinking about my gran
Gon of the drugs, what would my granny say
She looking down on me, I know
And when i’m up, that’s the only time they come around me, I know
I feed of misery and pain for heart, over time I ain’t know what that would do to my heart
It make me think, was I really this depressed from the start
Did I think about demise and my suicide right from the start
I hate to burden people with my problems
So I bottle that sh*t in, and got addicted to the bottle
Fell victim to the violence in this cold world
Sh*t I was raised by the streets, and had no father who could guide me through this cold world
What should I do, should I say my goodbye’s
To my dogs, to my brother, to my auntie and mom
Oh yeah, i’m talking about suicide
Yeah n***a, i’m talking about suicide, sh*t
But if I go right now, would I leave with regrets
I never found true love, is that something I can accept
I got this dream lord, I know that i’m blessed
I got this gift, I got this voice and I still got some words on my chest
And I won't be here for long, but sh*t i’mhere now
Trough all the drug haze, I can see it clear now
That i’m here for a real reason, yeah i’m here for a real reason
I got a story, imma speak it
Leave from the trenches, imma fly high
Ain't no time for me to say goodbye
Cause i’m still alive
Ain’t no time for me to say goodbye
I thank the lord that i’m still alive