We all go through things
And we all got pain
You gotta understand that baby
You know the definition of Riptide?
Well I explain it to you
Well it's more like it, it’s more like a metaphore, you know

Don't act like i ain't got no sympathy, for what you’ve been through
Because I know about that pain girl, I've been through sh*t too. But I ain't gonna stand here and act like I know what you've lived through
But my cousin knew, she was touched as a kid too, but that didn't break her
Trauma in your life will show you what you've made of
So whipe them tears bae, thats f**king up your make up
And look we've all go through things
Looking a point to blame
Drinking out that bottle for the pain and you ain't gotta be ashamed
Because what happend is a shame
Let it fade, because the sun is gon’ shine after the rain
He tore your innocence apart, but take that hate out your hart. Come to grip with all them scars and put your faith back in god
I know it’s hard
Real sh*t I did been in your shoes, still in your shoes
Living life I ain't got nothing to lose
Self medicate my man with all the drugs I abuse
Getting faded every night, f**k stuck in this loop
But still I’m f**king with you
I see something in your spirit
You crying out for help and I hear it
I hope this song will be your riptide and carry you as far as you can fantasize
Kill all your pain let my words by your genocide
I never lie to you because I know what them lies can do
Yeah, I miss my ex but she ain't got what I find in you
You a star when I'm beside you I can touch the moon
And where we going I ain't gotta clue
But sh*t I’m still trynna find my way home
Release all this motherf**king weight I got on
Gotta tell you, you ain't alone
I don't know what happend in that broken home
I just know when you've with me you ain't alone
I hope this song will be your riptide and will carry you far away from the darkside
You ain't alone I can hear your heart cry
I can hear your heart cry
Sincerly, the ville babe