Be Alright
Lift me up with them wings
It’s time to fly home
I wear my heart upon my sleeve
You should try it on
Since my youth I always walked in my thruth
So many nights i broke down in that booth
I hate to see you cry, drowning it too
Just keep on pushing
I’m so proud of you
And never stop being you, because i value you
Forreal though
Don’t let them demons get a hold of you
I just want to hold on to you
And let you know everything is okay
You made mistakes in your life, but thats okay
Sh*t, we’ve all goin to things we ain’t proud of
Just look at me I’m addict who’ve never had love, but still i’m showing mad love
That’s why my voice reach from this garage out to Africa
Ooh yeah i’m pa**ionate
They treat me like a activist
Lile you can change the world
It’s too much pressure man, let me change my life first
Can’t hear your pain, until I try to heal mine first
I can’t believe it’s so poetic, when i speak now
I love my fans
If you feel like it’s the end, dog just reach out
And i’ll try to show you that your worth more then you think about
Because life ain’t hard as you think about
My dog down ten and he’s sinking now
His momma died of cancer and it’s hard like a hundred rounds
Grown man in a steel cage breaking down
They treat us like we animals. They break us down
N***a ask me poodie how I rap deeper
I’m sorry young blood that’s something that i can’t teach you
Just pour your life and you gon be alright
You gon be alright
Villesh*t n***a