[Hook: Ian Frequency]

We pa**ing the torch
Oh baby for sure
We crashing the Porsche
Don’t need no award show
Read it on the torso
Shirt tucked, Han Solo
And baby we so close
Shoot it semi auto

[Verse 1: Ian Frequency]

Just open the Falcon
Yeah I gotta crowd surf
F**k boy you know I’m a dog
Come and catch me in the valley
Man I only whip the fast lanes
I’m in Cali with my day ones
All these rappers sound the same yeah
I see blood up on the floor now
They say Ian how you do it
Why you done it
Why the f**k are you running from everything
Yeah I fall asleep to the mary jane
Yeah I fall asleep to the pheromones
Sipping club soda in the Commons
Yeah you know we really f**king popping bottles
This a celebration of the fittest
Man I’m about to go and get it
Whip a Tesla, f**k a Honda Civic
Sipping Cîroc, I’m running on the ceiling
You got me feeling some type of way
Lyrics hit you like a tidal wave
20 years, I never been afraid
You only see me when the sun is down
Why you think nobody comes around?
Why you think nobody see me now?
Why you think that we…

[Hook: Jason Voorheezy]

Pa**ing the torch
You know what it’s for
Man f**k all the sources
Think I need a tour bus
Or maybe a Lambo
For only the two of us
Nowhere that we can’t go
Baby I’m sure of it

[Verse 2: Jason Voorheezy]

They tried to ignore us
Got eyes like Horus
Triple 7 like Horcrux
And you know we give no f**ks
Me and Ian always dropping flames
I just had to go and run away
Flying out of f**king Ha***ei
Don’t give a f**k what anybody say
Never ever ever coming down
Man I’m on a wave and I’m gonna stay
I wonder if she finna want me now
That’s how I know she really fake
Got no time for your silly games
On my grind and you really ain’t
Imma paradigm
You’re a parrot sound
You’re just copying me
Whip a tesla, F**k a Honda Civic
I ain’t with the extras
Baby Imma get it
Before the rapture, the world is ending
Explode into flames and it’s Armageddon
The way I’m fitted, who you know that’s winning?
Maybe you should paint me as a villain
Hang it up and put it in museums
Right next of the Mona Lisa
I flow like the Nile next of Giza uh
Spit that real sh*t but they sleeping uh
Maybe I should pour some lean in my cup
Like the Tower of Pisa I’m geekin uh
I dropped school for this sh*t
Am I a fool for this sh*t
Drop a doc*mentary for you to look back at the time
I was in my room making hits
I just might start doing drugs
And call myself Papa Xan
Cause not enough care about what I’m saying
Can’t listen to mamma
I love you but mamma I got a plan
I just been working man
But it’s starting to feel like this sh*t isn’t working man
But I’ll never give up
And you know…

[Hook: Ian Frequency, Jason Voorheezy]
We pa**ing the torch
Oh baby for sure
Man f**k all the sources
Think I need a tour bus
Read it on the torso
Shirt tucked, Han Solo
And baby we so close
Shoot it semi auto

[Verse 3: Ian Frequency, Jason Voorheezy]

Listen to me now I’m letting go
The under pressure sh*t is not a joke
Was homeless on a corner without a coat
But now I need a coat cause we so cold
Some things in life you’ll never know
Break the code like Jericho
MSFTS on the stereo
Off the top rope, Rey Mysterio
We kick flipping in Ontario
Got your head spinning like a merry go
Lil joker, time to air it out
I’m on Mount Olympus and I’m staring down
You gonna see my head up on the paramount
Imma tell you some sh*t I don’t care about
Imma rap about sh*t you don’t care about
Please don’t worry about my whereabouts
Yeah we spitting sh*t that you don’t hear about
Only if I’m talking, better hear me out
Why did you think we ain’t serious
I literally live in my studio
Energy, energy
Triple seven, Triple sev
We open the doors
We going on tour
You know what it’s for
We pa**ing the torch