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Shiloh Dynasty


King Slick
Kill sh*t
Feel this
Real sh*t
Instilled in
I'm black
Calm raps
Strike first
Bark back
Hard track
Old soul
I’m Loco
Go slow mo
Is a no bro
On a daily
I go crazy
On made beats
And lately
I'm raising the bar son
This is my jungle like Tarzan
Out of this world like a Martian
If you hype bro I be sparking
Like a real one
They say imaginations real son
To keep it 100
Need a million
In order for Slick to be chillin
With some children

Jorja so peng man
Can't lie man
I wanna press that
And to be honest tho
, I see blue lights
And wedding bells
This that new vibe
You be B
And I be Hov
Drink lemonade
And I’ll spit Flows
You'll be Knowles
I'll be Carter
Our blue Ivy
Billionaire father
On something else
Tryna stack papes
Tryna eat cake
Tryna have cake
That's a contradiction
I be on a mission
To be sort of rich and
Keep my soul lifted
Guess it's a challenge
Tryna make it rapping
My beats banging
I know this will happen
Gotta keep faith
Gotta have taste
If they call you average
Spit in their face

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