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Shiloh Dynasty


You love me, yo hate me i don’t give a f*ck
My heart is shattered you don’t even matter
You’re constantly running thru my mind don’t you get tired it’s to the point where i love and i hate you(x2)
Quiero sentir tus labios en los míos
Quiero que te quedes la noche
Constantly dreaming bout regrets in my head now i’m trippin bout the past and i can’t let it go but we all wanna die in the night time we don’t wanna cry when the light dies had a lot of problems but they solved now can’t seem to find help now drowning in sorrows you borrowed my heart and broke it into pieces(x2)

Would you be my baby (oh)
If i had the money (oh)
Would that make you love me (no)
Would that make you love me (oh)
I couldn’t i couldn’t love (oh) x3

[Verse 2]
I’m tired of reminiscing bout the past reminds me how life is b*tch i can’t let it go but it always comes back into my mind i can’t let it go that i’ve f*cked up about a millions now i’m numb to the pain losing my brain going insane trippin over the sh*t i can not fix you played yo bag of tricks then u just walked right out the door now i’m sitting here in tears wondering what the f*ck i did wondering what i did wrong wondering why i let you go straight out of my f*ckin palm now i’m sitting here lonely

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