If We Fight lyrics

Shiloh Dynasty

(Intro) man i wish i had my old song..still she’ll know when she hears this

Hook:If we fight, that the walls we built so high have fallen so low x2

Verse- If We fight can we get thru it by the morning cuz the feeling that im feeling babygirl it isn’t normal, and i swear to f**king god i really love you ian bullsh*ttin nd all the shiit we been thru i swearit keep us going, cuz we done put in way too much to let the walls fall, and i swear to f**kn god these b*t*hes all call, buh you the only one i want, you like my shinin star, and all these gettin mad cuz we refuse to fall, we done built these walls way too high, so when these b*t*hes try to climb iy they gon only die, get shot down by the kid cuz i see my future, it’s when i look into yo eyes i see the bigger picture, all my guys tell me that i am simping and maybe they is right you number one ona wishlist, let’s do it right this time can’t keep on jersey switching..you my baby my rider let off shots at these b*t*hes

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