Don’t Catch Feelings

I just spoke to my girl, man
& I feel like...
F**k it, let me just rap

[Verse: VxK]

Lately I could be sitting
Plotting, thinking of penning
Some lit sh*t to split the game
But then you walk through
Can't act like I ain't saw you
The ignant me can't ignore you...
We really was better as friends
The benefits became infinite then
As time went by, as you and I;
Fell deeper, couldn't pen a rap
Yet I might write e mc light
To split emcees, but I could see
But couldn't write
I was in my feelings
You medidate, forgive, forget
Keep it real and, revealing too much
To people who never knew us...
But it's just me again, I focused
Went, wrote much more
'bout much more, lil word play
With her, her body ill can't front
But this body of work, damn son
Not drugs, Art. That hoarse sh*t
F**k Samson, I ignore a critic
Critical thought in my words
I speak for me, God bless the verse
Don't rehearse, wanna freestyle
But this; hitting liquor to hit
Half way to hittin' a lick
Turnt, my back to rap
If I'm wack it don't move you
'Less t's packed with dope a$$ metaphor
Ended off proper
Prince Charming in a Porsche
System dumb of cause...
Flex like a lion in a Trap
But I was with my girl
Quitting rap, thinking that...
That past, we latched, attatched
Say "love is a drug", we just relapsed
My flow's relaxed
Don't rap with heart
Feds might say that I trap with Art
Pin penalties on me
Propelling my goals...
My bars is loaded, black DNA flows
Black screens like codes...
But black don't crack
You won't keep up
She's Eve, I mack
The future's back...
Ka space'a, chilled with medie...
Humming more melodies than Mary to Jesus
I'm over wack heads, f**k these birds
No hands, I know I nailed
Now meet my girl
This sh*t won't sell
Hear Every Rhyme
Back-to-back like mirrors in a line
Reset, recline. I missed my dame
But dawg
F**k what b*t*h n***as say
The Voix of Kamo
That's every day
Like man with a medie
But back to these girls
Wrote songs, about my woman
Much more but the most
Most you thought I wouldn't
Suprising my lady, she hate when I do that
Don't vibe with the cherrie
I just put her through that...
Anyway, back to H.E.R
She told me "Rap is Rap"
I asked; "But what if I fall
Yo what if I fall, baby?"
[Hook: VxK]
She told me; don't catch feelings
Don't Catch Feelings