I’m Glad It’s You
Minor Acts of Cannibalism
Sometimes I wish that I could see you staring back inside of me
So when I open up my mouth I'd hear your words come pouring out
But I know the gra** is green and I still linger in between
Who I am and everyone I see

Sometimes, just sometimes

I wish I could wake up wearing your skin
Cause then I would be calm cool and collected and all the things I've never been
I want you to swallow my eyes so I can find out what's inside
Cause I wanna wear
I wanna wear you out

But what's the point of raising your own voice just to say
Something you don't even really mean anyway?
Why is it so sincere, to make yourself appear
So sick with all your heavy doubt when you're doing fine?

You're doing just fine

What to do when you're sick of being you?
When everything you are is something you outgrew
What to do when I get sick of your life too?
At least it's true that everyone feels like you
At least sometimes