I’m Glad It’s You
Every Sun, Every Moon
[Verse 1]
Searched for your star, some sacred sign
To light the path made by your memory running circles around my mind
Following footsteps left behind
But the more I look for you, the less of you I find

Under every sun and every moon
Find only shadows left of you

[Verse 2]
Sleepwalk through every day and night
And wake up begging in the doorways of imaginary lives
For just one with you inside
They always pa** me by

But visions of you blinding me
Take me to shelter in the places where our joy and sorrow meet
Beyond all language and the steady hand of time
Where the less I look for you, the more of you I find

Under every sun and every moon
You are the light filling my view
Every sun and every moon
Pulls me to you
Time will take everything from you
Let everything return to you
This life will bear its weight on you
Let all your love carry you through

Every sun, every sun and every moon
Every sun, every sun and every moon