Happy pills ^^
Drift it like it’s nascar in my home
She still trynna hit my phone
Fashion Week out in Rome
Chillin’ I be wippin I be sippin’ styrofoam
I’m already on the boat
Baby leavin’ u I’m gone
Fan watches
Still cautious
I be catching big losses
20 grams on me
I be smokin’ til’ I’m damn nauseous
20 rack
F**k it back
I be creepin’ on it bad
Likin’ all her pictures
She a beauty on that instagram
Weed weed, rollin’
Backwoods with the team
SharkSquad doobies in
The backyard I’m eighteen
Got bands for my boys
If they need it I got toys
I be grindin’ makin’ money
Til’ I reach a golden Royce
Got alarm
On the farm
In the barn
Baby wippin’ on the autobahn
European wonderbar
Rock rock
I be stackin’ all that guap
I be fittin’
Never quittin’
All these songs I’m on the clock
Times are changin dawg
And so does circles in the flock
Fine and fine I don’t why I’d ever f**kin trust u tho