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Lil Xtra

"Wasted In Paris"

[Verse 1]
Yo I’m sick of this life
The way I never do anything right
The way that everything I love is just a waste of my time
Like I’m cursed to earn everything I’ve ever deserved
I see the way you’re hanging on my every word (word)
That’s pretty cool, I guess
Not one to protest money in my pocket or the jealously of old friends
Oh man, setbacks piled onto jet lag
I'm too f*cking tired to be waiting on this checked bag
I’m sad as f*ck, I want to go home
Turn the motherf*cking lights off and get stoned
I just want to be alone with my thoughts
Oh my god not I don’t
Break away this facade
Said I would, but I won’t
Goddamit, I’m panicking I can’t stand it
I can’t breathe, can’t leave, can’t handle it, yeah
And when I die, leave a candle lit
'Till then you’ll find me wherever the f*cking camera is

Said I’d come through but you know I’m not
Gotta lot to do, now this music’s all I got
Her friend can come too, treat me like the Marriott
Blindfold a thot up in my room that’s a bird box

[Verse 2]
That’s absurd talk, bringing up the obstacles
Too short-sighted to be seeing through my optical
Smooth sailing like it’s nautical, I took the audible
Money on the way, now happiness is optional
Like the prodigal, I’m coming back
No I won’t listen to your homie, man, your homie’s whack
I need a kickback and a lime ‘Rona, stat
Show up in designer asking "where the marijuana at?"
Full send, feeling regal, time to sin again
Post legal, coke evil, but we winning sh*t
It’s Charlie sheen up in this b*tch with a clean di*k
Got it tested, she impressed so we get it in
And I can hear her heart sing with every single scream
Went and fell in love the first time that she f*cked with me
I just wish you would've stuck with me
But I guess I get it I don’t even motherf*cking f*ck with me
I'm smoking weed in abundancy until I’m stuck
Tell me that you miss me but only when you’re f*cked up
The bad luck came and hit me like a Mac track
Nothing like the fall from number one to the runner up
I'm tryna live life, tryna make some memories
Far too focused to be focusing on mini me’s
f*ck a fake friend that’s an enemy
I made a couple songs now I’m f*cking up the industry
How I got here’s a mystery to most of you
A microphone and hard work, yeah look what I'ma do
I feel the jealously welling up inside of you
But honestly that’s the best part for me, I’m coming through
Y’all boring, I’m snoring, man where the party at?
Normally I isolate tonight I’m saying f*ck that
We drown in alcohol and no one brought the life raft
Holiday in Paris, f*ck depression, time to fight back

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