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Lil Xtra

"Believe in Me"

[Verse 1]
I met the devil at the crossroads
And he asked me for my soul
I said, "only if you take me
Long before I can grow old"
And, puzzled he just sat there
And asked, "How can you think that way?"
I said, "We're all in love with dying
And I've been searching every day"

And I can't wait until you take that knife
Of yours and run me through
Don't you ever try to tell me
That this life was meant for you
I made it through the fall
But I will freeze before the spring, yeah
Whatever you do, just
Don't believe, don't believe in me
(Yeah) Don't believe in me

[Verse 2]
I met the devil in Miami
And he said it would be fine
Yeah, but [?] caught a bullet
And I fear the next one's mine
Yeah, and peepers in my nightmares
That could easily be me
And the devil bought my soul
But I would give my life for free
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