Del Water Gap

"A Clear Mind, A Better Time"

I was just thinking that while we’re still young
We should go and get married and live in the sun
And keep our parents waiting and waiting for us to come home

I’ll make us coffee to keep us awake
And play you old love songs lost in the hay
And you’ll never, never, never have to be alone

We could lie
And waste your time
I’d make you feel better

Remember the classrooms, the whitewash the slacks
The ceilings that crumbled from flawless to cracked
The children sat quietly learning just how to grow old

Our friends were all brutal, our teachers were brash
But the sh*t we had to deal with in high school is passed
And as long as you’ll feel it with me then I’ll feel it with you

And if you can’t heal, had the last one steal
Then I’ll show you love
How we used to feel
We felt so much better

You’ll get tattoos of my name on your chest
Cause the things we know now are the things we’ll forget
And some day you’ll wish that you never made commitments like that
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