J.I. Prince of New York
Never Settle
JI: (Intro)
Yeah I will never settle

Look I was always compet**ive
Never had a compet**or
Everybody I'm better than better stand down
If you hear them shots go off bang bang bang bang bang
That's a man down
Don't nobody got my back but my spine
Only thing I do is rap all the time
I was dead broke never had a dime
My haters always told me I would never shine
I'm up next
I can not debate it
Haters they don't wanna see me make it
Never caught a snake
My bro we're not related
I don't judge no one I'm not a hater
Don't nobody got me like I got me
Y'all can try to be me but y'all not me
Got a lot of confidence
But I ain't c*cky
To these girls
I'm a Puerto Rican papi
Labels calling
I ain't pickin' up
Everybody tellin' me to pick it up
If I got a message people listen up
I ain't make it yet but I ain't givin' up
I got money now to get the bills paid
I'm from concrete and there's still snakes
Haters never change they're still fake
They can hate Ion care
I'm still paid
My mom struggled I remember it
No Christmas gifts when December hit
My mom struggled and my dad struggled
I will always hustle and don't ever quit
This world is cold and I know it is
But the streets are worse I noticed it
It's a shame cause no one else notices
But I noticed now and I'm focusing
Imma taste the bread I'm not slowing down
If you don't know then you know now
Used to be a rookie imma pro now
I'm lit selling out shows now
Imma youngin and I'm making money
And you a dummy if you think you taking money from me
I remember all the pain
But I still maintain
I was never looking bummy
Everyday I had to struggle
I was on a mission so I had to hustle
If you wasn't there for me
When nobody else was
I could never love you
Had my back against the wall
Nobody told me nothing
I was all alone
When everybody wasn't
I was in the sheets
But I was never ducking
They look stupid now
Cause they said I was nothing
Now I'm something
And they feel a type of way
Haters talking to your back and not your face
Adios amigos it was nice to meet you
Y'all could never play me nah not today
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle
Lil Key:
They be throwing sticks
They can throw stones
I'm on top got strong bones
My genetic code
Straight beast mode
Check the DNA from my chromosomes
I'm in the zone
Mode of 46
In the studio working night shifts
When the crowd hype I transform
And turn on like a light switch
I'm sewed up like a tight st**ch
I'm getting money call me young Mitch
I play the role
Wrote my own script
Got straight A's on my transcript
I won't lose and I won't settle
This a head banger no heavy metal
I stay shining like a gold medal
Got the right foot on the gas pedal
I speak my mind never back pedal
You a hypocrite like the black kettle
Seen the rap game on tv
We the big three prince dee and key
Let me tell you how we get down
Never settle better back down
You'll have a man down
Dripping sauce
Woo woo better not drown
Knocking down the compet**ion
Like a pro runner
My punchline paralyze you
Put you in a coma
Ray Charles to the face
Call it glaucoma
I see the money coming my way
With no plot for us
I spend the money get it right back
Like a block boy get the light back
Cold like an ice pack
I will never settle
Never go back
Dang 2086
I'm like the bats with the comeback
God knows I'm the truth
And I'm living by the cold
Snakes in the gra**
It's my time to expose em
Next to blowing top
I'll show I got the gang in
And I ain't talking bozo
I'm on the level that you wanna be on
Flow is so cold
They want me to turn the heat on
I ain't got time for haters they hatin I swear
Man I got no patience
Better get back for I smack that
Pull a trap back
Know I flow like tax
All ammo cause I spit bullets
Like imma Mack
Bust em
21 cause I'm on savage mode
Got the city booming no metro
Eat the compet**ion like a animal
Stay ten toes never settle bro
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle x3
I be always on the move
I be making moves
I will never settle

It's D double E-T-R-A-N-A-D-A
I know y'all sittin back
Hearing that three times a week
And two times everyday
All my peers keep fearin that
Steering that
Driving the flow
Endearing that
Life on the quest
Like I nearin that
Children was playing with blocks and what not
Wautang was what I was hearing
That fire
Always tryna come up
Off that big paper
Steady be talking
Next to my kidlings
Turtles stay snapping around
Stay low
Making headlines
They discriminating though
Snakes is around and I see j lo
Went down
Came up in a different payroll
Bought to get my bible on the dash
Cause I see that the devil steady wearing
Fraudulent halos
I'm too too dangerous
I'm serious better watch what you saying to us
Some money is gone
But I still got some money to blow
Money never fold when you paid to trust
Make me bluff
Today is the day to change ways
Hype my mama pot
Tell em god came
They say my flow was something like Kanye
Used to make the people sang
Now the flow insane
I see through the mission you suspicious
Too ballistic
Drew my lyrics
Watch out
Every step I take
New edition
I love all the ones
That show they superst**ion
I measure the statistics
All of my flow its conflicting
Get my numbers right
You the type to slumber on me
But as long as I'm talking my numbers homie
I will never settle x9