J.I. Prince of New York
Look At Me Now Pt.2
Yuh yuh yuh yuh
Yuh yuh yuh yuh

[Verse 1]
I got many issues and I know I do
But I'm always focused and I'm on the move
I ain't perfect and I know I'm not
Cause there's many things that I'm going through
I was made to lose, I'm supposed to fail
Went and took a loss, but not an L
I got a middle finger for my haters
Cause if you got a problem you can rot in hell
Since a youngin' I was up to somethin'
Now they hatin' on me because I'm up and comin'
I said I would make it, they said I was buggin'
I been down, I'm gettin' up and don't be thumpin'
I got music everybody bumpin'
You can say you better but we know you bluffin'
You can hate on me but you can't tell me nothin'
Why you talk when I'm the one you always duckin'?
Yall can't be what I can be
Yall can't see what I can see
No heat
I was cold
I would freeze myself to sleep
Used to camp out the stove
Now I can't cause I'm on the road
I'm too busy chasin' goals
Yall should know how it goes
My mom said I got a lot to prove
My dad said I got a lot to do
Everybody always had a chance
All I have is a lot to lose
You can never last a day in my shoes
Even though I got a lot of shoes
All I ever say is ándele
I be ándele while I'm on the move
When I'm on the mission everybody talkin'
But don't wanna listen
We can really go
Was on a tv show with different rappers
And they was no compet**ion
I be droppin' in my own lane
I could really kill the whole game
You ain't play your part when I had a heart
I got really dark, I feel no pain
I'm trynna find a way to get away from negativity
A lot of people wanna throw shots, never hitting me
Lot of people talk about it but they never be about it
We gon' see about it, I be real yall never really be
Never had a shawty with a body
Out of everybody I could really murder anybody
Don't nobody wanna get it, yeah I said it
I won't never regret it
I was never sympathetic, everyone can bet it
Cause I feel like the man
I'm in demand
I do whatever I want cause I can
Shorty want me because I'm Puerto Rican
Tell her pull up, come spend the weekend
Yeet, nah that's a dub
Shorty wanna fall in love
Tell her don't take it personal
Nothin' really is what it was
[Hook 2x]
Look at me now
Look at me now
Don't look at me back then, nah
Look at me now

We done did it all
They want me to fall
We done did it all
They want me to fall

Look at me now
Look at me now
Don't look at me back then, nah
Look at me now, I'm gone