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You are about to enter into a journey of the unimaginable
Into a realm where blackness remains and nightmares become reality
For these unlikely victims who you are about to [?]

Just a hotheaded muthaf*cka learnin' lessons
Gotta lot up on my shoulders but a playa still ain't stressin' to da Devil
I'm confessin'
Don't forgive me for my sins
I ain't tryna go to heaven
Let me spend my days in hell
In a dark room, I'm just sittin' by myself
Let the candle slowly burn evil thoughts into my head
Give my worthless soul to Satan
And with him is where I dwell
Sacrificin' for da Six
Let my demons take the wheel
Steppin' out my muthaf*ckin' door
I'm bout to hit a stang
I thought this murder through
I'll catch him slippin' at the local thang
Hollow tips to his f*ckin' dome
Mask on my face
Take the dirty pistol to the woods and dodge anotha case
Tennage waitin' wit the whip
We swanging corners as we dip
And Baker loadin' up the sticky
Cause them playas neva trippin'
Twisted beaded thoughts
I'm always thinkin' in my head
May not think I'm goin' crazy
Havin' visions of you dead

Here I come
Fee fi fo, snatch a busta by his toes
Hang him up and bleed him out and watch him die slow
With the stone cold stunna flow
Rollin' bud and [?]
Stay smokin' death and writin' phonk until I'm killed and put below
This anger burns inside my chest
I cannot stop until I rest all of these demons that have test
I slay dem hoes
Show who's the best
With the flick of my finger, turn a coward into dust
b*tch you f*ckin' with an evil playa that never shows love
I keep a grudge
Yes remorse is something I don't know
I'm buckin' any who approach The Trio like a hoe
Ten toes, Satan rose
Cannot stop, this evil grows
My presence is a [?]
In the mist, my shadow starts to show
Eyes glow
Feeling so numb to the world
No feelings show
Intoxicated by the hatred that I have for all these hoes
You ain't my friend, you just my foe
You talked that sh*t so now I know this big business
Don't take sh*t personal

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